Valco Review- Best ANC headphones in 2021


Valco ANC headphone deserves to be one of the best headphones on the market. Today, I would like to introduce one store that serves you with super quality sound ANC headphones. Let’s enjoy my Valco Review and don’t forget to use coupon code LENA to save 5% off.

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Active noise control technology on headphones

Why do headphones need ANC technology?

In many cases of using headphones for entertainment or study, the noise surrounding us from car horns, talking, construction site, etc. disturb you as well as reduce the quality of the sound on the headphones.

To temporarily overcome this problem, manufacturers have released many types of noise-canceling headphones to help users feel better sound without being affected by noise.

What types of noise do we have?

Noise cancellation technology on headphones is divided into two types, including Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and Passive Noise Canceling (PNC). As far as I know, ANC is a more modern and effective anti-noise technology than PNC.


The electronics inside the headphones with ANC create an oscillating noise cancellation wave that contrasts with the ambient noise recorded by the mic. Besides, it cancels out unwanted sounds without reducing the main sound coming from the headphone driver.


Types of active noise canceling

  1. ANC with mic outside the headset


In the feed setting, the microphone is outside the headset. Therefore, the mic can hear the noise, and then the ANC processes and cancels the noise before sending the resulting signal to the headset speaker.

This noise cancellation technology can reduce high-frequency noise, up to 1222 kHz. However, they also produce small noise that they do not cancel on their own.

  1. ANC tech with a mic inside the headset

With this type, the mic is inside the ear cup and in front of the speaker.  Hence, it will hear the noise exactly the same way as the user hears it. Then the mic will transmit the signal to the ANC for feedback and process the most suitable noise management. However, it cannot handle high-frequency noise well.

  1. Hybrid ANC with external and internal mics of the headset

For me to say, this is the best way to reduce noise when a combination of placing the mic both inside and outside the headset. Therefore, they can cancel noise in both long and wide frequency ranges.

Benefits of Active Noise Cancellation

Active noise-canceling headphones are really useful in life. You can even use noise-canceling headphones to relax, create a quiet space to read or work in public places, not just listen to music.

Should I buy headphones with active noise cancellation?

If you work in a studio or in fairly quiet environments, you probably won’t need active noise cancellation. However, if your job requires you to travel frequently, or you reside or work next to a noisy environment, active noise-canceling headphones will be a worthwhile companion.

Where to buy ANC headphones?  Valco Review

I must say that Valco ANC headphones are perfect for both sound quality and price.

Valco uses the best available components and technology from Finnish design and Kesthouse, which has more than 20-year experience in making the sound perfect.

Valco gains its reputation in Germany, the U.S, and Finland. It’s the first choice of many musicians, audio engineers, and artists.

A long time ago, the price of ANC headphones is pricey and null. However, visit, you will meet a bargain for a premium ANC headphone. Moreover, in my Valco Review, for sure, you will find the coupon code right below to save 5% OFF and more.

After the first version, VMK19 Wireless ANC Headphone succeeds with thousands of sales, now launches new version VMK20 Wireless ANC Headphone

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Valco headphones customers’ review

I am so excited to receive real good comments and feedbacks from beloved customers.


Super sound quality headphones and great customer service, along with fast shipping within Europe are what you will receive from Valco dedicated team.

Valco VMK19 Wireless ANC Headphones


Price: €149,00 – save 5% off with coupon code LENA

    Bluetooth Tech: 5.0 APTX LL, SBC, and AAC

    Chipset: Qualcomm QCC3008 with custom DSP setup

    ANC: Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) Active Noise Cancellation with 4 microphones

    Amplifier: Class AB Stereo elements: 40 mm

    Weight: 250g / 8.8 oz

    Battery: 1050 mAh

    Charging time: 2-3h, USB-C connector

    The battery can last up to 45 hours of constant listening on ANC, 40 hours on the phone call Siri and Google

    Each package has all the necessary cables and dongles (3.5 mm, airplane adapter, and USB-C charging cable) for you.


Valco VMK20 Wireless ANC Headphones


Price: €169,00

Refer to VMK19 version. However, I want to point out what makes Valco vmk 20 more outstanding.

Compared to the old one, the Valco vmk 20 version has so many things improved to perform super quality sound.

I can name as follow:

  • The battery can last over 40 hours of music listening
  • Bluetooth wireless range increases.
  • Equip with better microphone for work from home.
  • Improve the bass emphasis and sound balance better than the first model


Valco VMK20 Headphones – Black Editions

Pay extra €5 to get a limited, exclusive, rare black edition of Valco VMK20 Headphones. The edition looks more stylish and suitable for young, dynamic people with sound passion.

Valco headphone black edition


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