Enchroma Glasses Cost: Compared Among Countries


The Enchroma company has invented the Enchroma glasses, a product to help colorblind people to see colors clearly. How much do Enchroma glasses cost? And where can you buy them for the most affordable price? Let’s discover this in the following blog.

Enchroma color blind glasses price

A set of adult EnChroma glasses is priced between $189 and $499, according to the latest update on the EnChroma website. For kids, the price is lower. Most glasses for kids start at $189 only (aged 5-10 or 10+). Remember that you can only have this price if you make a purchase on its official website.

Check the Enchroma website now.

However, the price varies by the country where they are sold. Check the list of Enchroma glass prices in some countries.

  • Enchroma glasses price USA: $189 to $429.

Customers living in the USA can make purchases easily directly on its official website with the price ranging from $189 to $429. They have more chances to take advantage of promotions from the manufacturer.

  • Enchroma glasses price UK: £185 to £399.

Customers living in the UK can purchase Enchroma glass from its official website or Amazon. The price for both indoor and outdoor glasses ranges from £185 to £399. The price for kids’ glasses is fixed at £185 only.

  • Enchroma glasses price in India

The chance to buy Enchroma glasses in India is very little. At the time I write this review, they are mostly out of stock in both reseller stores or in Amazon.

  • Enchroma glasses price in Nepal NPR 33027 to NPR 50616.

If you live in Nepal, you can purchase Enchroma glasses from Ubuy. The price ranges from NPR 33027 to NPR 50616.

  • Enchroma glasses price Malaysia: 717 MYR to 1876 MYR

If you live in Malaysia, you can purchase Enchroma glasses from Ubuy as well. The price ranges from 717 MYR to 1876 myr

Enchroma glasses cost 1
Enchroma glasses cost USA

Why are Enchroma glasses so expensive?

Enchroma glasses are so expensive because of advanced technology. The optical filter in EnChroma glasses allows for a more precise ratio of light to enter the eye by blocking out specific light wavelengths.

 EnChroma glasses are essentially sunglasses that assist colorblind individuals in seeing the colors they are unable to. On average, they are effective for about 4/5 of colorblind individuals. A pair for adults can cost between $269 and $429.

Some people assume that Enchroma glasses are so expensive because, at least initially, it was the only corporation engaged in this activity. They most likely had the concept patented, which allows them to keep competitors out of the market and maintain their high prices.

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