My Experience Using the Exnova Trading App

Exnova review

As someone interested in trading and investing, I decided to give the Exnova trading app a try after hearing some positive Exnova reviews. Exnova offers the ability to trade a variety of assets like stocks, currencies, commodities, and CFDs through an easy-to-use mobile interface. Below I’ll share my experience using Exnova over the past few months, along with some of the major pros and cons I’ve observed.

Getting Started

The signup process with Exnova was quick and painless. After downloading the app and entering some basic personal details, I was ready to fund my account and start trading within minutes.


One great feature Exnova offers is a free demo account. This gave me a good opportunity to test out the platform and learn the basics of trading risk-free before putting real money on the line. The demo account mirrors the real trading experience, helping me get comfortable with things like placing trades, using technical analysis tools, and setting alerts.

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Executing Trades

I primarily focused on trading stocks and currencies over the last few months. Executing trades using the Exnova platform is seamless – the interface is intuitive and placing buy/sell orders only takes a few taps. The available technical analysis tools also make it easy to identify trading opportunities based on indicators like moving averages.

One downside I noticed is that spreads tend to be higher with Exnova compared to some other platforms. This cuts into profits on shorter-term trades. However, for longer-term investments, the spreads had less impact on overall performance.

Platform Reliability

In terms of reliability, I’ve had a mostly smooth experience trading with Exnova. The mobile app occasionally crashes, but not frequently enough to be a major inconvenience. One frustration is lag when markets get volatile – a few times when stocks or currencies made big moves, the Exnova app struggled to keep up. This resulted in some slippage on orders.

The other issue I encountered was a delay of a few days withdrawing funds from my Exnova account. However, the money did eventually reach my bank account without any further problems.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, trading with Exnova has been a positive experience thanks to the intuitive interface, wide range of tradable assets, and helpful trading tools. While there are some areas for improvement when it comes to fees and platform reliability, those downsides have been manageable.

For anyone interested in accessing global trading markets straight from their mobile device, I would certainly recommend giving the Exnova app a try. The ability to trade from anywhere paired with low account minimums makes it appealing for novice traders. As with any trading platform, it’s still important to use appropriate risk management given the potential for losses.

After a few months of actively trading with Exnova, I’m a satisfied customer and plan to continue using it as part of my investment strategy going forward. The convenience and flexibility of mobile trading makes it a great fit for my needs as a casual trader interested in stocks, currencies, and commodities.

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