Paris Glow Review: New Skincare Shop In Florida You Should Try


Here comes my Paris Glow review, a new shop for skincare products at affordable prices. Of course, the Paris Glow coupon code ASD5 is free for you to save 5% off you place an order there. Let’s come and enjoy!

Paris Glow product review

In this Paris Glow review, I will focus only on the Honey Glow Set from the brand. Buy a Honey Glow Set to have bright and healthy skin as you ever wish to. The set will help you to take care of your daily skincare routine easily step by step.

In a set, you have 4 items including:

  • Honey Glow Body Wash.
  • Honey Glow Body Lotion
  • Lemon Brightening Body Oil
  • Honey Glow Face Cream

The Honey Glow Body Wash

After a hard-working day, you need to take a bath with body wash cleanse and revitalize your skin from neck to toe. Honey Glow Body Wash from natural ingredients like flowers, aloe, goat’s milk will help you relax under the shower with a gentle sense.

Using the honey glow body wash, you can avoid free radicals and repair subtle signs of damage on your skin. A bottle is sold at $19.99 only.


Honey Glow Body Lotion

After washing, you can rub the lotion and oil on your skin to feel smooth from the surface. Besides, the lotion can help tone your skin up. You will feel different right after one month of using then see how your skin becomes brighter.

The oil is extracted from coconut, sunflower seed, organic neem seed, organic rosemary leaf, sweet almond, rose water, and much more natural ingredients. You can view more ingredients on its website to check before buying.

A honey glow body lotion has a price of $40.


Lemon Brightening Body Oil


I am sure that you have heard of the effect of lemon on brightening our skin. Greatly, you have a skincare product here from lemon to take care of your skin every day.

The oil will help heal the scars, brighten the dark spots on your skin, to reverse the symptoms of aging. A bottle of 2 OZ has a price of $25 only.


Honey Glow Face Cream


With 100% natural ingredients, the cream is a great choice to grow your skin, make it brighter with continuous use. Every night, before going to sleep, apply a thin layer to your skin to moisture and fight problems like dark spots, scars, acne marks, and sun patches with hyperpigmentation

Sadly, this product is only from normal and oily skin. If you have dry and sensitive skin, don’t buy it. Honey Glow Face Cream has a price of $35.


You can buy a full set to start a new journey of skincare routine now. If you need to test, there is a mini kit of $75 available for you to try.

Besides, I see Paris Glow has a lot of interesting products to give it a try. Carrot Papaya Brightening Lotion, Skin Lightening Serum, Brightening Lemon Glow Scrub, Glow Kissed Lip Lightening, Dark Spot Corrector. Most of the products are under $30, very affordable to buy.

If you are going to buy one, use my exclusive Paris Glow coupon code ASD5 to save 5% off on any other.

Besides, I have other coupon codes in this Paris Glow review to help you save more.


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