Spirit Dog Training Review – Is it helpful?

Spirit Dog Training Review

If you’re in the market for online dog training courses, you may want to take a look at Spirit Dog Training review. This website features a library, step-by-step tutorials, and lifetime access to training materials. This site is also a good choice if you’re looking for a comprehensive training course without breaking the bank.

Steffi Trott is the trainer

Steffi Trott is the trainer

Steffi Trott is the founder of SpiritDog Training. She began her business in 2013 doing in-person dog training, but has since expanded her program to thousands of students online. SpiritDog uses a positive reinforcement method that is based on science. She has also worked with reactive dogs, and she continues to develop new approaches. Aside from her work with dogs, Steffi enjoys hiking and rock climbing with her own four-legged companions.

SpiritDog’s online training courses consist of videos, articles, and private forums where owners can interact with each other. Videos are included in the course material and can be watched from any location. Videos are easily accessible for those who are on the go, and practice sessions take as little as five to ten minutes each day.

SpiritDog Training offers many different courses based on your dog’s specific needs. These courses use positive reinforcement methods instead of punishment. They teach your dog how to behave in stressful situations before they are actually exposed to them. Many people have been happy with the results from SpiritDog Training.

You can take a quiz to determine which courses are right for you and your dog. The tests are easy to complete, and you can choose the course that meets your needs the best. You can also choose from the bestseller bundles to save money. SpiritDog training courses cost as little as $5 per course, but you should choose the one that best fits your dog’s needs.

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Spirit Dog Traning is easy to use

SpiritDog Online Dog Training Review

1. easy to use

Spirit Dog Online Training is user-friendly and offers comprehensive training for your canine friend. The site includes over 700 videos and step-by-step lessons. You can train your pooch on everything from basic obedience to tricks and leash walking. You can also work on behavioral issues such as reactivity and potty training. It offers downloadable PDFs and certificates for completing courses.

2. Cost-effective

SpiritDog Online Dog Training is cost-effective. The program offers courses and best-selling bundles. Users have lifetime access to all training materials, including video and PDF downloads. In addition, members get access to a library of resources that help them understand and train their dogs. There are videos on leash walking, obedience, potty training, and dog reactivity.

3. User-friendly

SpiritDog Online Dog Training is user-friendly and includes video and text tutorials. The video lessons are broken down into easy-to-follow sections and include quizzes at the end of each. You can pause and rewind sections and take notes as you go. It’s also mobile-friendly, making it easy to train your dog on the go.

4. Free trial available

The software includes a free 7-day course. After you sign up, you’ll get videos and training tips to your email. You can try out the program and decide whether it’s right for you and your dog. It’s also less expensive than one-on-one training. It also offers 24-hour access to some of the best dog trainers around the world. All courses are offered for less than a hundred dollars.

5. Recommended by magazines

SpiritDog Online Dog Training has a reputation for its professionalism. The company’s founder, Steffi Trot, has been featured in several magazines, including Reader’s Digest, FitBark, and BestLife. It uses positive reinforcement training and science-based techniques to help you train your pet.

SpiritDog Training Library

SpiritDog Online Dog Training

SpiritDog Training is a dog training site that provides almost 20 different courses for you and your dog. They also have a membership site and a blog that’s chock-full of information for dog owners. The courses are scientifically based, which means you’ll be able to learn more about dog behavior and training. Plus, the website also features a dog forum that’s a popular spot for owners to discuss various issues with their dogs.

SpiritDog’s library includes over 700 step-by-step lessons and 420 videos covering everything from basic obedience to leash walking tricks. They also cover behavior problems like potty training and reactivity. These videos are available in PDF format for download, and the course also provides you with a certificate that you can keep as a record of your dog’s training. SpiritDog’s online courses are taught by certified professional dog trainer Steffi Trott, who has studied under renowned European trainers such as Kim Terrill and Daisy Peel. She uses a positive training approach that emphasizes positive reinforcement and game-based techniques.

Another great feature of SpiritDog Online Dog Training is the fact that they offer lifetime access to all of their materials. If you aren’t satisfied with their classes or find that your dog has changed, you can simply contact the company and request a refund. Additionally, their library is constantly being updated, so you can be sure that you’ll never run out of content for your dog’s training.

View all SpiritDog Online Dog Training Courses

It offers a free 7-day course

If you’re looking for a new way to train your dog, consider the courses offered by SpiritDog Training. These courses teach the psychology of dog behavior, using positive reinforcement to train your dog. They are also backed by science. These courses can help you resolve many common problems dogs encounter.

SpiritDog Academy has a community of dog owners. Members can interact with Steffi Strickland and other users. Its courses are affordable and user-friendly. You can learn more about dog behavior problems and how to train them within just a week. If you’re ready to invest in a quality online training course, SpiritDog Training is a great choice.

You can sign up for a free 7-day course to try out the courses and see if they meet your expectations. There are 17 different courses to choose from, and they are available in 10 discounted bundles. Each course contains multiple step-by-step lessons that explain how to train your dog. They cover basic obedience training, listening skills, focusing in public, leash training, agility training, and more. SpiritDog Training has a 7-day money-back guarantee and a positive customer rating.

The course is easy to follow, with text and video, and quizzes after every section. There are pause and rewind buttons to review your notes, and you can post your questions as you progress. There is also a discussion board to help you learn from other users.

It has a satisfaction guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your dog’s training, SpiritDog offers a satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee covers the cost of the course, if you are not happy with the results. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee if you have changed your dog’s behavior during the course. The courses at SpiritDog are short and easy to follow. They require you to only watch videos and don’t require you to attend physical classes.

SpiritDog Training offers 17 different courses that include multiple step-by-step lessons. Each course shows you how to train your dog from basic obedience to leash walking tricks and more. They also offer courses for reactivity, agility, and other problems. You can try out a 7-day free trial course before paying for the full course. Their money-back guarantee is also a great advantage, and many customers have praised the course.

SpiritDog also offers a community that you can interact with online. The online forum includes discussions with other owners and trainers. And the courses are very affordable. The course is taught by Steffi Trott, who is an internationally certified professional dog trainer. She has studied with trainers such as Daisy Peel and Kim Terrill. She is a strong advocate for using positive game-based methods that teach dogs new behaviors.

What about SpiritDog Training experience?

When it comes to training experiences at Spirit Dog Training, many clients have reported positive outcomes. One reviewer, for example, shared that they took their dog to the “Puppy Kindergarten” program and were impressed with how well-structured and engaging the classes were. According to the reviewer, the classes were small and focused, allowing for personalized attention and individualized feedback from the trainer.

The trainer’s approach to training was also highly praised. Using positive reinforcement and reward-based methods, the trainer created a fun and positive learning environment for both dogs and their owners. The trainer was patient, knowledgeable, and skilled in handling dogs of all breeds and temperaments, which helped build trust between the dogs and their owners.

In terms of techniques used, Spirit Dog Training focuses on positive reinforcement and reward-based training, rather than punishment or aversion-based methods. This approach aims to encourage desirable behaviors and discourage undesirable behaviors by rewarding good behavior with treats, toys, and praise. This method helps dogs learn through positive experiences and builds a strong bond between the dog and its owner.

In addition, the trainer’s qualifications and level of expertise are important factors that contribute to a positive training experience. Jairo Pineda, the founder and head trainer at Spirit Dog Training, has over 20 years of experience in dog training and has worked with a wide range of breeds and temperaments. He is certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. His extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of dog training is reflected in the high-quality training programs and services offered by Spirit Dog Training.

Overall, the training experience at Spirit Dog Training is characterized by a positive and supportive learning environment, effective training techniques, and a skilled and knowledgeable trainer. Whether you’re looking to train a new puppy or modify a dog’s behavior, Spirit Dog Training offers a variety of programs and services that can help you achieve your goals.

Spirit Dog Training reviews on other platforms

Customer reviews are an important aspect of evaluating the quality of any service, and Spirit Dog Training is no exception. A quick search on popular review sites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook reveals that the majority of reviews are positive, with many customers expressing satisfaction with the quality of training and service provided by the company.

403 reviews on Google

One common theme that emerges from customer reviews is praise for the training methods used by Spirit Dog Training. Many customers report that the positive reinforcement and reward-based techniques used by the trainer were effective in modifying their dog’s behavior and improving their obedience. Customers also appreciated that the training methods were gentle and humane, creating a positive and enjoyable experience for both the dog and its owner.

Another common theme in customer reviews is praise for the trainer’s patience and expertise. Many customers describe the trainer as knowledgeable, skilled, and able to handle dogs of all temperaments and breeds. Customers appreciate the trainer’s ability to personalize the training to meet the needs of each dog and owner, providing a personalized and effective training experience.

In addition, customers appreciate the supportive and friendly environment provided by Spirit Dog Training. Many customers describe the staff as welcoming and helpful, creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for both dogs and their owners. Customers appreciate the emphasis on building a strong bond between the dog and its owner, which creates a positive and lasting relationship between the two.

Overall, customer reviews provide a positive evaluation of the quality of training and service provided by Spirit Dog Training. The training methods used by the trainer, the trainer’s expertise and patience, and the supportive and friendly environment all contribute to a positive training experience for dogs and their owners.


Spirit Dog Training is an online course that uses science-based positive training methods. It also features individualized guidance and advice for your dog. You can learn online from the comfort of your own home and whenever it’s convenient for you. If you’re interested in learning about their courses, be sure to check out the full course package, which includes two courses and a lifetime membership to all of SpiritDog’s online courses.

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