Webnus Modern Events Calendar Reviews

Webnus Modern Events Calendar

Webnus Modern Events Calendar – For any amateur webmasters who are looking for a way to add events or dates in WordPress, then the Webnus Modern Events Calendar is the best plugin I highly recommend. With this plugin, you will easily create events or allow users to upload directly on the front end of your website. Read more about the Webnus Modern Events Calendar reviews to know more.

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Overview of Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar is a tool for launching events on WordPress websites. It is created with a lot of powerful features, along with a beautiful design for the best experience. With a free or paid version, this plugin meets all of the above requirements.

Webnus Modern Events Calendar

Some highlights of the Modern Events Calendar are:

  • Allow users to create and launch unlimited events on the WordPress website.
  • Offer options to display events in various formats.
  • Have detailed settings for configuring exactly how events and calendars work.
  • Offer many features on the free version and allow users to take advantage of those features to the maximum on the paid version.

  –   With the paid version, you can create an online reservation system and sell tickets from the WordPress website.

After experiencing Modern Events Calendar, I agree that both the paid and free versions have quite similar features. So if you are a new user, you can completely start with the free version for saving money.


Modern Events Calendar reviews

Modern Events Calendar


Create unlimited new events

The main purpose of the plugin is to allow users to create events that show up as a calendar. Thanks to these diverse features, you can create short events of the day, highlight events, or recurring events every day.

Fortunately, both free and paid versions allow creating recurring events. In addition, this tool also supports creating events full time during the day, as well as shorter time periods. This important feature makes it possible for web visitors to view event details.

However, events that are launched will be added to search engines and shown when people are searching for relevant terms.

Launch online event calendars with Modern Events Calendar

With this feature, you can create events, and arrange them like a calendar. It is very intuitive. You can immediately track what is happening and what is going to happen in the week or month. There is also a slide view that allows you to show events, swipe, or scroll to view events.

Use Widget to display event details

Widgets are useful when displaying event information in sidebars and other widget areas on a website.

If you want to have a list of upcoming events displayed immediately, it is a good idea to use widgets to display in the sidebar because of the intuitiveness and mobility of these widgets.

Modern Events Calendar allows users to submit forms

Modern Events Calendar allows users to submit forms and submit events directly on the front end.

Additionally, the plugin generates events and accesses the details through the plugin area of ​​the WordPress Dashboard. This allows you and your visitors to complete the details of events.

Moreover, installing the plugin allows you to choose with admin, or readers can participate and notify events according to these forms.

The benefit of using forms is that it helps visitors to interact with the event without having to have a personal account. These types of forms also simplify the process of adding events to your website, as you or your team won’t need to navigate the WordPress Dashboard.

Publishing front-end forms on your website is simple. Formatting the page where the forms will be displayed in the plugin settings is easy as well. You can use the shortcode to insert the form anywhere on your website.

Create reusable events and venues

The Modern Events Calendar plugin allows you to add event locations, and event organizers, for different events. It is useful and convenient for visitors browsing the event pages can immediately see where the event is happening. They can also view organizer information and make decisions about whether or not to participate.

Modern Events Calendar has the option to save organizational units and locations in the WordPress Dashboard. This information will be reused for the next organization. Furthermore, when you change event or organizer information, the plugin will automatically update those changes.

best wordpress calendar event plugin

Support the third-party calendar

This feature is pretty cool. You can sync Calendar from 3rd parties like Google or iCal. When the user clicks, the event details will be passed through a selection from the available calendar applications. After testing this feature on the Modern Events Calendar, everything works as expected. Events from Google Calendar and Facebook Calendar will also be imported in different formats on the website.

Share on social networks

The plugin allows you to display buttons to share events on social networks. This gives you the option to display share buttons for social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. This encourages visitors to share events with their friends.


Modern events calendar pricing

The following options are available after purchase:

License for 1 website: $39.

For 5 websites: $149.

License for 10 websites: $270.


All options include lifetime access to plugin updates and one year of premium support. The Webnus team also offers a range of services that can help you with your WordPress website. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on-site allowing you to try the premium plugin.

Above are some Webnus Modern Events Calendar reviews. Hope you find good information to choose this plugin to build your website and create good content. 

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You have read on Webnus Modern Events Calendar reviews. Visit Allstealdeals more often to find other tools to build a beautiful website.

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