5+ Deals of Cheap Diesel Laptops For Sale [2022 Updated]

Diesel Laptops

More convenient, more intelligent, and more accurate, Diesel Laptops offers a solution for diesel diagnostics. The software is especially for commercial trucks with complete laptop kits. All Steal Deals is happy to list 5 deals to help you buy cheap Diesel Laptops for sale and save up to 25% off and more.

With the growth of trucks with more features, synchronization and standard systems also become more complete. At this time, the development of technology brings convenience and ease. Therefore, the maintenance and repair of any truck will not only be based solely on experience, but it also needs assistance to connect machines and equipment for checking and reading faults.

Because of that development, the new system in trucks is very complicated. However, it can be simpler when we can apply the device to support inspection and repair.

Cheap Diesel Laptops

Advantages when using Diesel Laptops software

  • Diesel Laptops offers a variety of Diagnostic Software for each kind of truck. Each software/ license has different features, methods of use as well as advantages, so you should choose the most suitable software according to your actual needs.
  • The software saves you time for car repair (support for looking up repair documents, circuit diagrams, repair information, specifications …) as well as study research.
  • Diesel Laptops brings about fairly well-known software that is suitable for both auto repair technicians, students, and garage owners, as well as lecturers specializing in mechanics. Using this software helps you to speed up inspection, repair, and improve the skills of the mechanic.
  • Diesel Laptops software and tools are easy to install, they provide comprehensive guidance videos for each kit you buy in detail.


The price for the software is not cheap as you imagine. Let’s take a look at the top deals below to see what offers you can enjoy now from Diesel Laptops.

Cheap Diesel Laptops


Updated diesel laptops  for sale (software and kits included)

I know the price can be a reason to make you shilly-shally whether to buy or not. Let’s enjoy big discounts on diesel laptops.

 25% off on Diesel Laptops Handheld Heavy-Duty Scan Tool with Regen

25% off

  • Simple to use
  • Allows reading and clearing of DTC’s, Live data reading, and even DPF regens on most makes and models
  • The kit is a small & nice case that is convenient to carry with an OBDII cable as well as the 6 Pin, 9 Pin, and CAT 9 Pin cables.

 7% on Cojali Jaltest Heavy and Medium Truck Diagnostic Laptop Tool

7% off

  • It is a multi-brand system that allows you to monitor commercial trucks at the dealer level. Adjust parameters, perform injector programming, DPF regenerations, cylinder cut-out checks, and more.
  • Jaltest expert diagnostics are combined with Diesel Laptops repair material, technical support, and training in this package

 9% off on Cojali Jaltest Truck and Off-Highway Diagnostic Tool

9% off

  • This package from Cojali combines the best commercial truck and off-highway diesel engine diagnostics.
  • The Jaltest app is simple to use but has the same strength as dealer diagnostics.
  • Cojali Jaltest diagnostic software has merged with all of Diesel Laptops’ products, facilities, and training.

 19% off on Cojali Jaltest Truck, Agriculture, and Off-Highway Diagnostic Tool

19% off

  • In one pack, Cojali combines the best of the commercial, agricultural trucks, and off-highway diesel engine diagnostics.
  • The software is simple to use, with multibrand capabilities and the ability to diagnose commercial diesel vehicles and equipment from bumper to bumper.
  • All of the popular and uncommon equipment used in the construction, farming, and truck diagnostic industries is covered. This includes CAT, John Deere, Cummins, MTU, Perkins, Isuzu, Kubota, and several other labels.

Deal to save 100% on Diesel Explorer

100% off

  • Diesel Explorer is Diesel Laptops’ own diagnostic app for heavy-duty and medium-duty vehicles.
  • This software is able to read all DTCs and faults from all regular vehicle modules, such as the body controller, engine controller, transmission controller, and others.
  •  Live data, trip information, and HD-OBD readiness information are also available. Now you get it FREE at Diesel Explorer

Diesel Laptops also sells other tools like cables, Diesel Decoder,  pin converter, and much more. Hope this post from All Steal Deals can help you find out diesel laptops for sale to save your wallet.


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