Why should we set up a VPN solution?

VPN solution

This article helps you regain control of your privacy and security in cyberspace. Let’s jump into my article about the VPN solution.

Today I would like to share with you some knowledge about VPN: What is a VPN, why should you use a VPN?

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it allows you to access the Internet through an application or software capable of passing your data through a “tunnel” and connecting to the server in safety.

 If the VPN is configured correctly, it will protect the data from your computer to the VPN server with encryption, potentially hiding your actions from your ISP and other parties.

VPN solution

Why would we want to use a VPN?

VPN can help with privacy and security in many ways.

Firstly, if an attacker is on the same Wifi network in a coffee shop as you, the VPN can encrypt your data while it is traveling through the wireless router. Thus, the attacker will just see a bunch of meaningless text.

Secondly, if you are living in a dormitory and being censored when accessing certain websites, a VPN can help you bypass censorship and allow access to your favorite websites.

Thirdly, if your ISP is snooping on private data, the VPN will encrypt that traffic so they can’t see what you’re doing.

Is a VPN only for illegal activities?

! No, absolutely not. Here’s an example: a few days ago, I wanted to buy a ticket to a museum in Canada. However, I cannot buy a ticket because the website has blocked IP addresses originating from outside Canada. Therefore, I had to download and use a VPN that made the purchase look like I was living in Canada.

If you want to watch Netflix in Europe but you are not living there? The VPN will also support that need.

If you need to buy something from a European website but can’t because you’re living in the U.S? VPN is the answer.

A VPN can be a great asset for anyone who wants protection in a wireless network, wants more private browsing, or just wants the freedom to browse the web without censorship.

VPN solution
                                                                                   VPN solution

How to choose a VPN solution perfectly

Since there are thousands of VPN solutions to choose from, it’s hard to find the perfect VPN. I can name some of VPN solutions for you.  However, they may not be suitable for your specific needs. You should choose a VPN solution that you feel is right for you – not what someone on the Internet tells you to use. Here are some points that you know how to choose the right solution for you.

First: Let’s assume that a free VPN service is not actually free. I mean, these free VPNs have to make money in some way too. Therefore, it’s possible that they’re selling your data to a third party and not encrypting it in a secure way or they will. play ads repeatedly, which can be annoying. They may also limit the amount of data you use during the month.

Personally, I tend to stay away from free VPNs unless I use my own open-source OpenVPN. I’ll skip the OpenVPN setup and go straight to the more convenient plug-n-play apps. Each service we use costs a bit of money, but they provide good security and convenience so as not to affect the browsing experience.

In general, when buying a VPN solution, look for a cross-platform VPN solution (so you can use it on both computers and phones). In addition, VPN should be clear about the price when using it on multiple devices

If you want to buy museum tickets in a country, check the VPN service’s website and make sure they have a VPN server in that country you need for your purposes. 

Besides, you should know clearly about its policy of VPN service through those questions: What do they collect? Login data, credit card, location, address? How many times do you use a VPN? Which websites do you visit? You are handing over your browsing information to a third party, so you should be careful.

Why do you NOT want to use a VPN? 

A VPN needs to be reliable, meanwhile, some suppliers go the wrong way when they try to collect your data. This is why I stick with one or two VPN solutions that cost a bit of money and have a clear data retention policy. VPNs can slow down your access. If the network speed is good, you may not realize it.

VPN solutions vary greatly depending on your budget and your unique needs. While looking for which service provider you like, check thatoneprivacysite [.] Net / and TorrentFreak [.] Com for a list of great VPN providers that really focus on privacy and convenience for your purpose. 

VPN solution

Suggestions for a VPN service

So, for quick and easy, I choose a VPN solution on private-internetaccess [.] Com /, which costs a bit of money but allows me to use it on multiple devices with detailed security options.

My other favorite solution is tunnelbear [.] Com / priced higher than PIA VPN but more convenient. This VPN solution doesn’t have a lot of detailed security settings, which can be less overwhelming. This solution can be set up to automatically connect to the VPN at startup. Thus, I’ll never browse the web without having the VPN turned on. This is a plus for security.

Obviously, there are many other VPN services out there so choosing which one is best will depend on your choice. Before making that choice, make sure to figure it out carefully.

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