Novaalab Red Light Therapy: Must-read Reviews 2022

red light therapy infrared wrap pad 4

Novaalab red light therapy –  Now, people can stay at home to benefit from Novaalab red light therapy with safety, efficiency, and cost savings. What’s special in its led light therapy technology? I hope you find your answer in the following valuable information below. Let’s dive into Novaalab reviews 2022 from All Steal Deals.

Is Novaalab legit?

Yes, Novaalab is legit. It is a brand owned by LM Consult, a French company specializing in cutting-edge medical equipment and anti-aging technologies.  Its office is based at 1374 W. 400 S. Orem, UT 84058. Until the time I write this review, Novaalab has been serving 13,500+ American customers.

Why you should choose Novaalab red light therapy?

Novaalab uses FDA Class 2 light therapy for safe and efficient results. FDA points out that there is no low-level red light therapy device that is approved or cleared to treat scars and/or tighten skin. Novaalab devices must undergo a strict examination to meet the FDA standards. Therefore, people can completely rely on its products.

solution deep healing by Novaalab read light therapy
solution deep healing by Novaalab

The devices combine deep red (630 + 660 NM) and infrared light (850 NM) to activate deep cell regeneration and reduce inflammation. Novaalab devices are among the most powerful and advanced near-infra-red LED light therapy devices on the market.

Novaalab devices are really time-saving. You only need to spend 10-20 minutes per day, depending on your device to heal the pain faster.

Its devices also help you save some money. Compared to going to a clinic, you save $1000-$2000 per year for healing the pain and taking care of your skin.

Reviews on Novaalab devices

Take a quick look at all devices that Novaalab brings about. Perhaps, you will find a great device to relieve your pain at home.

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Novaa Light Pro review – original Portable Light Therapy

The Novaa light pro is extra powerful and extra light to get deep healing up to 2” to relieve your pain.

1000+ customers love its compact design. With this design, you can bring the portable red light therapy device anywhere you go. You can use the device for localized joint pain, nerve pain, injuries, and more.  

Anyone can use the Novaalab device. Just spend 5 minutes per day to see the big results. Usually, it takes 1 month to see the improvement.

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Novaa Light Pad – The Deep Healing Therapy

red light therapy infrared wrap pad 4
                                                                                       red light therapy infrared wrap pad 4

One of the flexible devices from Novaalab that you should not ignore is the Novaa Light Pad. 

The product aims to heal joints, nerves & muscles, up to 2″ deep.  This is the only flexible device with 360 lights for the largest healing effect.

As previous customers review, they see the results within the first two weeks.


Novaa max solo

Novaa max solo
                                                                                        Novaa max solo

With the aid of this light panel, you may easily reap the rewards of red light therapy. Additionally, this panel promotes collagen and energy levels. The one and only answer to all of your issues is this panel.

  • Boost your energy and disposition
  • encourages tissue regeneration and wound healing
  • aids in the treatment of age spots, psoriasis, acne, and eczema
  • For a powerful anti-aging effect, increase collagen production.
  • Enhance joint health in cases of arthritis
  • Medical-grade red and IR light


Novaa Max XL

Navaalab Max XL
Navaalab Max XL

The helpful light frequencies which the Novaa Max XL provides will energize your inner cells. And from the inside, stop aging.

To combat the cellular damage caused by all the harmful light we are exposed to on a daily basis, the Novaa Max XL emits ONLY beneficial red light (650nm) and infrared light (850nm).

You can use Novaa max solo and Novaa Max XL in the bedroom or in the living room. While watching a TV show or a film, don’t forget to turn the panel on.


Final words

Until now, I don’t see any bad comments about Novaalab from customers’ testimonials. They quickly see the results, improvement only after two weeks of using the devices. That’s great for the Novaalab team. And that’s why I want to recommend to you its Ied light therapy devices to take care of your health and beauty.

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