Red Light Therapy on Stretch Marks: Must Read

Red Light Therapy on Stretch Marks
Red Light Therapy on Stretch Marks

Red light therapy becomes more popular these days thanks to its science-proven benefits, especially benefits for skin care. This post from Allstealdeals helps you understand more about red light therapy on stretch marks. Perhaps, you are going to find out a new way to do skin care without rubbing chemical ingredients on your face.

What is red light therapy?

Red Light Therapy on Stretch Marks
Red light therapy session.

In the past, we only saw a red light in natural light, sunlight. But today, with the development of technology, people have been able to create red light projection devices.

Like blue light, red light is a form of biological light and is also part of sunlight. However, if blue light has high energy, and low wavelength, then red light is the opposite. With a wavelength ranging from 630 – 760 nm, this is considered the lowest frequency light that you can see with the naked eye.

In daily life, there are times when you will see LED lights with red light but also purple light. In fact, that purple light is a combination of red light and blue light, but red light is slightly better.

Is red light harmful?

Not to mention, sunlight, blue light, and biological light like red light all have advantages and disadvantages. This inadvertently makes many people worry about whether or not red light is harmful to human health. However, in fact, many studies show that red light is not harmful.

To be more precise, there is no evidence that red light is harmful to us. Therefore, LED devices, electronic devices that emit red light are not harmful. You can completely use them every day without worry.

In fact, studies of monochromatic light – that is, types of light that have separate colors such as green, blue, red, and red light – are the only types of red light that are not harmful but also beneficial to humans’ use.

Many health organizations and magazines have articles talking about the benefits of red light therapy. For example, Insider, Medical News Today, and Healthline. The benefits can be named as follow:

  • Help improve eyesight, and prevent damage to mitochondria.
  • Stimulate new collagen growth, red light helps the skin become firmer and rejuvenated from within.
  • ability to help lose weight.
  • Help people with depression to feel more relaxed, happier, less sad, and anxious.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy on stretch marks

Novaa max solo
Novaa max solo – people  use it for skin care and pain treatment

To the extent of this article, we discuss more the effects of red light therapy on skin care.

According to research, biological light has a direct effect on the skin. However, each type of light, at different wavelengths and energy levels, offers different advantages. Like blue light, red light is used in skin care as well as stretch marks and acne treatment.

Although red light has a wavelength ranging from 630 – 760 nm, only at 630 nm – 635 nm red light can benefit the skin as well as limit its adverse effects.

This light helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production as well as improve blood flow to skin tissues, which in turn helps to remove stretch marks and treat acne, wrinkles, and minor burns.

Generate collagen for skin rejuvenation

Regarding stretch marks already on the skin, insufficient collagen production can prevent skin renewal and impede the healing process, which could lessen the visibility of stretch marks.

A randomized, double-blind investigation on the efficiency of photobiomodulation for skin rejuvenation was carried out in 2007 by one team of researchers. They discovered a considerable increase in fibroblast activation as well as the collagen and elastin fibers that surround them. A later study from 2014 had similar results. Both investigations came to the conclusion that red light therapy works well for skin collagen regeneration.

Increase blood flow that reduces stretch marks

The cell and the skin both benefit from increased circulation in various ways. First of all, it enables more oxygen to enter the cell for ATP generation. Additionally, it’s critical for nutrition transfer because collagen formation wouldn’t be possible without it. The drainage of cellular waste that may otherwise prevent collagen formation is made possible by healthy blood flow. In conclusion, improved healing processes brought on by increased blood flow can help prevent the development and visual manifestation of stretch marks.

Red light has a direct biological effect on the skin. With the stimulation of new collagen production, the red light helps the skin become firmer and rejuvenated. You have read about Red Light Therapy on Stretch Marks article to understand more about this therapy for skin care and anti-aging.

Use red light therapy for skin care at home – cautions

However, phototherapy in general can cause side effects for the body. It is necessary to understand the skin, and skin condition, and master the technology – techniques before performing skin procedures. Many people use light devices to take care of their skin at home, preventing aging. Doctors recommend caution when using these devices, carefully read the instructions for use and follow the safety guidelines, to avoid dangerous complications such as eye damage.

Where to buy red light therapy devices

Novaalab and Hooga Health are two reliable places to buy red light therapy devices.

1. Novaalab red light therapy

Novaalab has excellent devices to heal your skin and pain faster. Its technology of red light therapy is FDA- proven. More than 13,500 customers in the U.S are using Novaalab devices and are 100% satisfied with them. Most of them see the results after two weeks only.

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2. Hooga red light therapy

Based on the US as well, Hooga is the second place that I suggest buying red light therapy devices. Hooga Health technology also receives FDA proof for safety. Its products are various to choose from, from panels to helmets, led marks, neck pieces, and more. Check out Hooga red light therapy in the following video.


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The red light therapy on stretch marks article has brought some valuable information to you.

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