Peach’s Squarespace Affiliate Program Review

peachs squarespace affiliate program

Peach’s Squarespace Affiliate Program – Playing a game with Google Ads is such an expensive and hard game. So, herewith Peach’s Squarespace affiliate program, the individuals, businesses, and enterprises will find another solution to growing sales organically without tons of money loss.

Why should a business need an affiliate program?

Firstly, I want to understand the benefits of using an affiliate program in marketing strategy. If you own an eCommerce website on Squarespace, don’t ignore this way to help you reach out to more customers.

Affiliate program

Approach to more other marketing sources

Thanks to its powerful virality, the affiliate is considered a great form of marketing for both small businesses and enterprises.

When you run an affiliate program, it helps you take full advantage of KOLs, marketing agencies, and individual publishers without spending a single marketing penny.

Besides, affiliates will help you promote products to hundreds of large communities for a win-win partnership.

Optimize your profits

Because I am also a marketer, I know the feeling of how frustrating you are when the clicks are so high, but you get no sales. You had to pay a lot for giant technology companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and what you receive is a low conversion rate.

Instead of paying tons of money for other media campaigns, you only have to pay for successful orders from affiliates. An affiliate program does help a business save a lot of costs in marketing strategy.

Less depend on distribution channels

The third benefit that businesses can feel is its less dependence on distribution channels. In 2020, businesses face a serious crisis due to the pandemic and changing customer buying behavior. Therefore, Affiliate marketing is an effective lifesaving tool.

Peach’s Squarespace affiliate program review

I hope the part above helps you deeply understand how necessary the affiliate program is for businesses.

Peach’s affiliate program and referral program are designed for any Squarespace website. So it is optimized for all stores running on this platform.


Quick Setup

The setup is super easy with a few steps. Therefore, you can launch an affiliate program in a minute.

Simple dashboard to track performance

The features are outstanding. So you can easily control and track the performance (like sales and rewarding affiliate partners) of the program on your end.

Easily track affiliate links and referred sales

You can track the sales from affiliate partners through affiliate links, cookies, promo codes, landing pages, or vanity URLs. Depending on your setup, you can choose whatever tool you want to track the performance.

Custom branding

You’ll get an affiliate program that integrates with your Squarespace store, replete with affiliate dashboards and email templates.

Easy to Build a commission structure

I am in, this is the most headache step for businesses when they set up an affiliate program. You have to calculate and keep the balance of profits after paying for affiliates. Peach’s Squarespace affiliate program offers enough solutions for building a commission structure including, percentage, fixed, one-time, and recurring commissions – for regular products and subscriptions.

Easily manage the payout

By using the dashboard, you manage the payout. Those the system allows you to automatically pay for successful referrals. However, my advice is, you should check orders manually before paying for affiliates.

What businesses talk about Peach’s Squarespace affiliate program

Listen to merchants’ sharing their experience with Peach’s.


Now, Peach’s is in partnership with thousands of merchants and helps them to scale the revenue up.


How to set up a Squarespace affiliate program by Peach’s

Read full guidelines on how to set up an affiliate program. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team, they are happy to help you get the setup complete.

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Peach’s pricing review

It offers one of the cheapest affiliate programs on Squarespace.

For the Individual package, you have to pay only $59 / month to set up a perfect affiliate program with enough tools to make it work smoothly.

For a business package, you have to pay $199/per month. Of course, you will receive more tools to optimize your affiliate program. For example, promo codes for affiliates to boost sales, and landing pages for affiliates to run more advertising campaigns on multiple platforms.

For enterprises, you have to contact them to get the quoted price.

Click on the link below to purchase with a discount at Peach’s. There is a 14-day free trial to test the result. So don’t wait anymore. It’s time for you to grow your revenue up!


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