Anyword Review- Can It Solve Content Writing Problems?

anyword review

Many individuals and businesses have BIG problems when doing content marketing online. What problems are they? Learn more from the article below. Then read my Anyword review, which will give you a solution. Take the advantage of Anyword promo code below to save 20% off.

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3 BIG problems in content writing for business

Doing content requires time, cost, and intelligence

As I am running a blog as well, I do understand how important it is to create content as much as possible. If you want Google to rank your website on page #1, you have to keep pushing the content into your website consistently. It must be a flow without a stop-point.

For a small business with a few employees, while you have a lot of tasks to do, how can you maintain to create new content daily, weekly, monthly in the most efficient way? It’s such a big question. Yes, you can outsource from the writing market like Fiverr, but I know, it costs you big money to buy a quality service. Outsourcing should be only one of your solutions.

What I have shared is just about technically SEO content for a website or for the blog to help you rank top. How about creating content to attach more customers, to convert clicks to conversions? That’s a big question to solve problem #1 above.

Creative content requires time and intelligence. Like me, to write this blog I had to spend time thinking, researching, it took me three evenings to complete the post.


No one reads carefully what you write about

Research shows that 55% of people who click on a link to a media company’s website spend about 15 seconds or less skimming the main homepage. This number drops to just one-third if visitors click on detailed web pages. Statistics also show that customers do not stay on each page for longer than 20 seconds.

So technically, it’s not that no one reads what you write, it’s exactly that no one reads carefully what you’ve written. No matter how much you shout, people will just glance at the title, and skim thru the post very fast.

Expectations of ad formats are being reversed

Traditional advertisements, where marketing messages are formulated like articles, are often ineffective because they have become boring to potential customers. Buy articles or guest posts from top newspapers or magazines is quite expensive for start-up businesses with low budgets.

Banner ads are still a useful tool for branding campaigns, provided the ad idea is creative enough and the viewer stays on a website long enough. According to research, after about 20 seconds, people’s tendency to scroll through ads increases from 20% to 30%.

Therefore, I found a solution for you, you can try it and evaluate the result again, using AI writing tools to save time, money, effort in creating content.

There are many free paraphrasing tools on the internet to help you rewrite the post, however, nothing is free, you know. Free comes with low quality, unwanted limitations. That’s why I highly recommend a paid AI content writing tool, like Anyword.

Anyword review – an AI copywriting tool you should have



What is Anyword AI copywriting tool benefit for an online business?

  • Generate more leads
  • Reduces the price per click
  • Increases sales
  • Save time in creating content
  • Save money in outsourcing content
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What types of content that Anyword can create?

Ads text on any platform and social media

Whatever content you need, Anyword AI copywriting tool can help you out. The tool creates high-performing copy for every channel and format.

If you need ads text from headlines, descriptions, captions that help to engage with potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Verizon, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. It’s Okay, Anyword can help.

What a short video how it creates new content for social media posts!

Landing/Product Pages

For businesses who want to create bulk landing pages to promote products in a short time, Anyword AI copywriting tool can help you out. It generates heading, subheading, product description, CTA,… so that you will have a professional landing page, with full creative detailed information to attract your customers.

Blog Posts

A blog post requires standard in length to follow SEO rules. This is one of the most difficult content that requires time, thinking to complete.

However, now you can use the Anyword AI tool to finish a blog in a few minutes with a few clicks. AI tool can do writing as humans do, with meaningful, concise sentences to keep customers staying on your page, to help your website rank top on search engines.

Email marketing and SMS marketing

If you don’t have an attractive subject enough from the first, customers will ignore your email and never click on it to read it. Anyword AI tool will grab their attention by generating both precise, concise, and engaging email subject lines and content inside. It makes sure that the click email rate will increase once you use the Anyword tool.

Read more about Pabbly review, a good solution for email marketing for online businesses.

 Two advanced features

  • You can train the AI tool to write copy ads that are similar to your competitors, or similar to your top-performing live ads.
  • Optimize on-site text automatically to deliver the correct message to the right audience at the right time.

Anyword tool is intelligent enough to analysis then evaluate which content gives your projects the best performance. When it’s connected with your ads accounts, it chooses the best keywords for you, so that you can optimize CPC number after all.


Click to buy Anyword AI copywriting tool

Anyword pricing review – which plan you should choose?

Data-Driven Basic plan is ideal for individuals. The Data-Driven Basic plan is supposed to fit the sweet spot and attract new customer segments. It is also more affordable for individuals to enjoy advanced features like the Business plan.

This plan costs $99/mo and includes:

  • The top-tier copywriting tools include social ad copy, blog post generator, landing page builder, email generator, and more!
  • Unique Predictive Performance Scores — plus, access the Score Panel to get exclusive audience insights for each copy variation.
  • 30,000 generated words a month

Data-Driven Unlimited Plan is perfect for online businesses of medium size. It costs $239/month and you are able to access the full copywriting tools to spin unlimited words.

Enterprise Plan costs $999 per month or more. Not only can you access all API tools but you also have Brand guidelines filter, Custom models, and Custom number of seats.

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