V1ce nfc business card review: Grow followers easily


This article is about V1ce nfc business card review. I am so excited that I have found a very smart contactless business card that helps you easily share your contact and grow the followers to visit your website, fan pages, and so on. Here comes my V1ce business card review, let’s jump in to enjoy a V1ce promo code of 10% to save your order.

Forget about your problems with traditional business cards

It’s not convenient for you if you have to carry multiple business cards along when joining business meetings. If a business partner asks for your business card, it’s so embarrassing if you forget it at home. Even, it’s more embarrassing, after a few days, your card is thrown into the trash.

Therefore, I see the outstanding features of a V1ce business card and would like to share it with you.

About v1ce cards

Vice contactless business card comes with NFC technology and allows contactless data to transfer easily from phone to phone. To make it work, all that’s required is two NFC devices.

Here is how the Vice business card looks like:

V1ce nfc business card review

V1ce has the following cards:

Metal Hybrid One Card

This is the most expensive card at V1ce, appearing in black color with luxurious design.

V1ce metal card

PVC card

the PVC material is sustainable over time. The PVC cards come in two main colors: black and white.


Bamboo business card

The most special one is the Bamboo business card. It’s eco-friendly, looks so nice in natural brown color. Moreover, for every card you buy, you donate to grow 1 tree in Africa. Therefore, this is the best seller card at V1ce.


If you are a manager, a director, a KOL, a superstar, this smart business card is for you.



How to buy and use a V1ce business card

  • Choose the card you want to buy on its website and add it to your cart.
  •  Design your card with the logo, your name, and any information else. Those details will be printed on your card.
  • Receive the card from V1ce
  • Activate your card and set up your account.
  • Tap the card on other’s phones so that they can save your contact information.

V1ce nfc business card review

The card is packaged every will in a luxury box or pack. Some buyers were a little bit disappointed when they receive cards in a paper package. So you can contact the support team if they can send you a card with the box.

The first thing you need to do when you receive the card is, to activate the card and connect it with your account. V1ce will send you a link to go on creating what will come up when somebody taps the card.

You can set up a lot of information on your account like mobile phone, youtube channel, Twitter, Instagram, and much more.

This card is really useful when you are boosting a digital marketing campaign. For example, if you have started a youtube video and you want to promote it, you can set up that youtube link on the V1ce account. So whenever you tap the card on other’s mobile phones, the link to the youtube video will appear then you will get more views.

When you take your card, take other’s cell phones, instead of saying hey this is my business card, then they will decide whether to put your card on the phone or throw it away, you take the card and hold it behind, then you will see the link comes up, you put on the link. From there, other people can both click on the link and save your card information to their phone

Instead of printing thousands of business cards, using a V1ce business card is a good way to save money while protecting the environment.

V1ce promo code

As an affiliate partner of V1ce, I have some special discount codes for you to save 10% off. Hope this V1ce nfc business card review is helpful to use in finding a smart business card and saving money at V1ce.


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