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My BlackboxMyCar review brings you the top best 3 dashcams from the vendor BlackboxMyCar and gives you a BlackboxMyCar Coupon to save 20% off on all orders. Let’s enjoy it to help every trip be safer and record all of the most beautiful moments.

Blackvue DR750-2CH LTE high-end dashcam

Leading in the ranking of the best dash cams in 2021 is definitely the Blackvue DR750-2CH LTE. Launched at beginning of October 2020, until now, Blackvue DR750-2CH LTE has always been a favorite dashcam for drivers, especially for those who own expensive cars.

Price: from $399.99

  • Blackvue is the world’s leading luxury brand from Korea, it is worth your money among many racing competitions.
  • Blackvue DR750-2CH LTE high-end dash cam is compact, powerful, and has a luxurious appearance on the car. When it is tucked behind the mirror, it does not stun the view.
  • The dashcam owns the latest generation Sony Starvis sensor (Sony certified) and 60FPS.
  • Besides its batteries don’t tend to reduce heat problems. It can automatically shut off when the temperature is too high
  • Built-in sensors such as proximity, collision, impact.
  • Smart memory card management: Long use is still smooth, no lag, especially if there is an error, you will receive a report immediately to Format.
  • Built-in Nano Sim 4G LTE on camera keeps camera and phone connected
  • Blackvue Cloud: view vehicles remotely, receive collision alerts, track vehicle location and speed, view and backup clips on the Cloud.
  • Super secure and smooth private Cloud server
  • Combine with Power Magic EZ accessory to record when the car is turned off under super energy-saving mode
  • Built-in GPS, Glonass locates and is extremely fast. Internal Wifi view, save clips easily on the phone.

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Thinkware U1000 4K UHD Single-Channel Cloud Dash Cam

Price: from $399.99

U1000 has low configuration and modern design. It is the first dash cam on the market with 4K front and 2K rear recording.

U1000 has a beautiful and durable exterior and offers support for 32, 64 or 128GB memory cards. It also supports Thinkware cloud mode: Thinkware Cloud.

The new version has 2 options for customers.

You can choose your U1000 dashcam to record its footage in higher quality or higher frame rate.

  • Option 1 – Front Camera 4K@30fps and Rear Camera 2K@30fps
  • Option 2 – Front Camera 2K @ 60fps and Rear Camera Full HD @ 60fps, 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160p)

It is more than 4x the resolution of Full HD (1080p), 2160p captures every minute detail you encounter on the road


Cloud application features

The smartphone support software helps you to:

-Watch live

-Notify when there is a collision

– Vehicle positioning

-RADAR accessory enables Extended Parking Mode for U1000

By adding an optional RADAR sensor, the parking mode can be further extended while still capturing pre-event footage

Records front and rear

The U1000’s image sensor enables front-facing 4K UHD resolution both day and night with the 150-degree wide-angle lens mode. This will minimize blind spots to ensure recording of all the events you encounter daily.

Upgrade and improve night vision to help you see clearly day and night.

Videos recorded in low-light environments, such as dark alleys or parking lots, may not be clearly recognized, but thanks to SUPER NIGHT VISION 2.0 and image signal processing (ISP) technology), the U1000 records clear, visible video in any situation – while driving or parking, when well-lit and poorly lit.

When you are driving in bright sunlight, going out of a tunnel, or in the shade of a tall building, a sudden change in front light exposure can lead to excessive recordings. WDR function removes excessive highlights on the recording to adjust its color balance to ensure clear, vivid images

Auto exposure

A sudden increase in light caused by strong sunlight or the headlights of an oncoming vehicle can make it difficult to assess the situation. Also, the lack of light in a dark tunnel or night driving can cause the same problem. The exposure function automatically controls exposure levels to maintain clear and vivid video recording in any situation.

The new U1000 strongly supports ADAS, driver assistance in all situations, warnings, and enhanced safety features to help drivers feel more confident on the road.

Continuous recording mode

This is activated automatically when you start the engine. Recorded videos are saved in custom segments and have an overwrite mode when the memory card is full.

Trouble recording mode

The active impact monitoring system automatically stores ten-second pre- and post-collision video data registered by the 3-axis G-Sensor.

Manual recording mode

Similar to video cameras, you can use Manual Recording Mode to record events happening in front of your vehicle whether it’s moving or not.

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VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K 2-Channel Dash Cam with GPS

Price: from $249.99 USD

Breakthrough features of VIOFO A129 Pro Duo

Super sharp front and rear camera


VIOFO A129 Pro Duo action camera has the ability to record 2 eyes.

The front camera records in 4K UHD quality with a wide viewing angle of up to 130 degrees. Together with the 7mm aperture F1.8 lens, the device is capable of capturing every detail day and night. Its images are 4 times sharper than the old version VIOFO A129.

The rear camera records Full HD 1920 x 1080P quality with an F1.6 lens, 140 degrees rotation.

Equip with Sony EXMOR R CMOS image sensor and Starvis SONY

On the track to become the best car dashcam, The A129 Pro dashcam is also equipped with a Sony EXMOR R CMOS image sensor in the front recording eye and a Starvis SONY image sensor in the rear recording eye. You can make sure your journey video is pristine during the day, sharp and clear at night. At this time, A129 Pro is no different from other professional cameras and camcorders.

Dual-band WIFI connection

VIOFO A129 Pro Duo car dashcam possesses dual-band WIFI with a frequency of 5GHz. As a result, the device will have a significantly faster data transfer rate than the old VIOFO A129. You can freely download and share journey videos to your mobile phone through the VIOFO application available on iOS, Android.

Simultaneously with WIFI connectivity, A129 Pro users can also view GPS tracking data. Control and set the camera and operate many other convenient functions.

Equipped with GPS

When equipped with additional GPS. High-end dashcam VIOFO A129 Pro can record information about the route and speed of the vehicle on each specific journey video. GPS navigation will also automatically sync your device’s clock to ensure your journey videos are always time-stamped accurately.

Parking monitoring mode

The A129 Pro car dash cam is equipped with 3 advanced parking monitoring modes. Accordingly, the device can:

– Automatically record when detecting moving objects and impacting the vehicle while the vehicle is parked.

– The camera will automatically record a video sequence from 15 seconds before the event to 30 seconds after the event. If no further motion or impact is detected within 60 seconds. The device will stop recording and go into standby mode until it detects further movements and impacts.

– Record with a low bit rate to contribute to saving storage space for the camera.

Stable operation – Great durability

To help your device always have a stable operation, smooth recording, VIOFO has retrofitted the A129 Pro Duo with a heat and cooling system. There is a built-in sensor to detect the main chipset’s temperature.

 Accordingly, when the chipset reaches a certain temperature threshold, the device will automatically turn off to ensure that it does not overheat. VIOFO A129 Pro has an operating temperature of -10 degrees to 65 degrees Celsius.

Use supercapacitor battery

Like other high-end dash cams on the market, the A129 Pro car dashcam also uses a supercapacitor battery instead of a lithium battery.

Besides, in case of sudden power failure, such as a collision, traffic accident, the supercapacitor battery will now provide enough power so that the recorded file can be saved on the memory card before the camera turns off.

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Hope this article helps you to find the most suitable dashcam for your car. These top 3 dash cams are worth giving a try, for sure. So place your order NOW.



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