Three Incredible Benefits of ANC Headphones


ANC headphones are really useful for us today. We can even use it to relax, create a quiet space to read, or work in public places, not just listen to music. Moreover, those ANC headphones have incredible benefits for mental health. Let’s find out the benefits of ANC Headphones from this blog post and enjoy top brands to buy one.

Three healthy benefits of ANC Headphones

Protect your hearing ability

We measure the sound by the Decibels unit. Any sound less than 75 dB is safe for listening in any environment.

When you are exposed to repeating or prolonging the sound at 85 dB, there is a high risk of hearing loss. The sound of a jet taking off is 130 dB, which means it is not safe for your hearing.

If you wear properly ANC headphones you can reduce the overall sound exposure you get by about 20 decibels without assistance. So if you have to travel by plane a lot, you should own ANC headphones right now to protect your ears.

Reduce your stress level

People who regularly have to bear with loud noises may experience higher levels of daily stress than those who do not. This problem even affects children.

When children live in neighborhoods with constant background noise, their cortisol levels are relatively higher than those who live in quiet homes.

People who are regularly exposed to low-level noise are also more likely to experience cardiac side effects. ANC headphones can reduce or eliminate potential threats to your mental health.


Improve your sleep quality.

More than 60% of people experience sleep problems at least once a week. One of the leading contributors to these disorders is ambient noise.

You can remove these sound triggers by using ANC headphones while you sleep. While it’s common to use this technology while being in the fight, you can also use it in the bedroom.

If you turn around a lot at night, consider a set of ANC headphones that can help you find the peace you need at night.

Top brands of ANC headphones to enjoy

Here are some headphones with ANC technology that I highly recommend. Depend on your needs, choose the right headphone for you.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are the first truly wireless headphones from Bose to feature excellent noise cancellation technology.

Bose Quiet Comfort headphones feature high-class noise cancellation, dense bass, and clean, elegant sound. Along with leading wireless or charging technologies, it deserves a high-end headset that worth your money. This headphone is suitable for both relaxing and business.

Apple Airpods PRO Headphones


Airpods Pro owns Active Noise Cancellation technology – Active noise cancellation is analyzed through an extremely intelligent AI.

Airpods Pro has clear sound quality, very suitable for business calls. The strength of Airpods Pro can be mentioned as the intelligent noise-canceling sensor, long battery life, smooth touch that is easy to control. Especially, it has a unique eye-catching design that is very attractive to users.

Sony MDR-ZX110NC headsets

This is a cheap noise-canceling headset with a typical SONY design with not too many outstanding specifications. Though it is a wired headset, not a trending Bluetooth, it is still equipped with ANC technology that eliminates more than 95% of noise. The Sony MDR-ZX110NC has a reasonable price that is suitable for students.

Valco ANC headphones



Valco ANC headphones carry on the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that provides the fastest and most complete transmission speed, along with a connection distance of up to 10m. Its headphone has high battery life, full of today’s best features, good call quality, and noise cancellation. Refer to the Valco ANC headphone review to learn about one of the best ANC headsets right now.  If you buy Valco headphones, don’t forget to use the Valco discount code LENA to save 5% off.

Above are the top ANC headphones I highly recommend. If you need more advice on the right product for your needs, please leave a comment below for us to help.

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