5 Tips I Actually Do When Headphones Hurt My Ears

Tips I do when headphones hurt my ears

Everyone has at least one time of complaining “headphones hurt my ears”. So do I.  Headphones are one of the most useful accessories today. In addition to the ability to bring true sound, free from outside noise, headphones also help express the personality of the person wearing them. So how to wear headphones without hurting your ears? Let’s find out in the article of allstealdeals!

I choose the right design of headphones for my ears

The right headphones are headphones that are not too loud. They won’t make your ears hurt when you have to wear them for a long time. The headset fits the ear, feels snug, and does not fall, nor is it exposed to noise from the environment. As my ears are small, I did choose a pair of Valco earbuds made of rubber plastic foam.

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Choose among designs of headphones

If you have small ears, I recommend choosing headphones with rubber plastic foam. Rubber material has an elastic ability to fit the ears of many people while providing a comfortable and pleasant feeling when used.

Or if you don’t like the feeling that your ears have something else stuffed in, a headset (headphones) is a good choice. These headphones not only make your ears comfortable but also help minimize the noise entering your ears. Besides, the headset has many diverse designs and fashionable colors to help you express your personality.

When headphones hurt my ears, I adjust and wear them properly

Improper wearing of headphones is also the main cause of your ear pain when using headphones. To wear headphones properly, I:

– Choose the type of earbud that is suitable for the ear.

– Identify and wear the correct side of the headset (the left earphone is worn on the left ear and vice versa).

– Wear it correctly with each type of headset

– Adjust the volume just right, not too loud so headphones won’t hurt your ears.

I adjust the habit of using headphones

No longer listen to the sound too loud too often.

As mentioned above, users should not wear headphones with too-loud sound, the ears can be painful or worse. I am a person who likes listening to my favorite music with max volume. Only max volume lets me feel the songs in the most joyful way and cancel the noise around.

But with max volume, I can’t wear headphones for more than 1 hour. Headphones really hurt my ears.  

Currently, many smartphones have the ability to warn users when the volume is too loud. If your device appears with this warning, you should adjust the volume so as not to affect the ears.

Limit the time using headphones every day

Headphones should not be worn for a long time. Normally, after 90 minutes of use, I remove the headset to rest my ears. If I am alone, listening to music does not affect people around, I use the device’s external speakers on my phone or laptop or listen to it with speakers to experience the best sound.

Check out the Valco speaker, only €99,9 with super quality sound for outdoor small parties and picnics.

No longer lie on my side while wearing headphones

Headphones hurt my ears - the habit of using headphones
Change the habits so headphones won’t hurt my ears

One thing not to do when wearing headphones is lying on one side, especially when sleeping because the wearer cannot be aware of their lying position, when lying on one side for a long time, the headset on that side will go deep into the ear, causing pain. So I also give up this bad habit.

I clean headphones more often

Dirty, dusty headphones also affect sound quality and ears. That’s why I regularly clean your headphones with a soft cotton cloth or specialized cleaners to clean the headset.

I use genuine, quality headphones

Last time, I usually buy cheap headphones from E-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. Then I realized that by using fake, poor-quality headphones, the risk of affecting the ears is very high.

Fake headphones often do not have good sound quality. When you use them for a long time, it will cause discomfort to the ears

In addition, poor quality headphones are not guaranteed to technical standards, the worst-case scenario is that the headphones burn or explode while you wear them.

No need to buy fancy headphones. There are many reasonable options for you to choose from. Check out headphones under $150 from All Steal Deals then choose high-quality headphones to enjoy music in the healthiest way.

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