Cointracking Review – A Powerful Tool To Manage Coin Trading Capital

CoinTracking Review

In this CoinTracking review, I will give you a powerful trading tool for coin traders to manage their trading capital effectively.


CoinTracking is arguably the most comprehensive portfolio tracking app out there. The app analyzes your transactions and generates reports in real-time.

If you prefer to use several exchanges and hold your coins in several wallets, then using this crypto app will make accessing all that information a breeze. CoinTracking is recommended for advanced crypto users. However, it is not particularly difficult to use. See the guidelines to use below this article.

With this website, you will list the list of coins that you are holding and you will know exactly how much profit you have made daily. You will not have to go to check the price of each coin and calculate the loss and profit from the time of purchase

Cointracking has an App on mobile for IOS and Android devices. You can use it with convenience and confidence. Besides, it has percentage charts to see if you have a reasonable capital allocation for each group of coins.

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CoinTracking review – Informative, Accurate, Helpful, Efficient.

If you approach the market in the direction of a “holder”. That means long-term holding and no daily trading plan required. Then you don’t need too many measuring tools. This Cointracking tool is enough. In this Cointracking Review, I will tell you about its features, and the reason why you should choose it.


Update on 11,355 coins currently

CoinTracking provides with chart history for all 11,355 coins. All technical analysis traders can use it to predict price movement, statistics, and coin trends.

The chart is simple and easy to understand, provides you with comprehensive and useful information on the coin price.

Get imports from 110+ exchanges

CoinTracking helps you see more information related to the transaction you are making. Now you can easily get reports from 110+ exchanges in Excel, PDF, CSV, XML & JSON. It also gives a general assessment of the trading pair and helps make more accurate and faster decisions.

One-click to set up, you will never have to manually enter transactions you make on the exchange. The tool will save your effort and time.

Providing 25 customizable crypto reports and audit reports for personal analysis

In terms of personal analysis, CoinTracking can help you to point out how much you earn, how much you lost per each transaction. Besides, the tool can analyze the coin you are trading. With 25 customizable crypto reports and audit reports, you have an overview of what you are doing and reduce the risk of the wrong decision.

Realized and Unrealized gains


If you use, you get a wealth of information on one dashboard. From there, you can make better decisions about whether to buy or sell something or do nothing.

The statistics from Realised and Unrealized gains dashboard show you the profit and loss statement for each coin you are holding and trading by remaining amount, current price, change, Cost, Current value, unrealized/realized gain or loss.

From the Report dropdown, choose Realised and Unrealized gains to track the profit/loss of each coin you are holding.

Tax reports

You can use CoinTracking’s do-it-yourself tax report generator if you upgrade to one of their paid plans.

All of the report’s details can be customized for your country including the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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How to use

Step 1: Visit Log in to your account. Create an account if you haven’t got an account yet.

Step 2: From your account’s dropdown, choose Upgrade account. There are three plans for you to choose from:

Free Plan: If you are a coin holder, I recommend you only need the Free Plan. This plan allows you to enter the data 200 times, for maximum. It means you can enter the data of 200 types of coins.

Pro Plan: Allows you to enter 3500 coins 

Unlimited Plan: No limit on entries


Buying Unlimited and Pro plans helps you to see the loss and profits when you enter API from exchanges. It’s necessary to use this tool because, for example, you may win in BTC currency, but you are lost in USD currency.

Step 3: Verify your email in the Account Setting

Step 4: How to add a coin/a transaction

– Press on the Dashboard

– From the dashboard, you can enter a new transaction by clicking on the “new” button.

– From the box, you can enter the date, amount, price, currency, and exchange of your purchase and sell.

– Add transaction.

Step 5: Back to the dashboard to see the analysis.

– Click on the Update button to force the tool to update with the latest information

The dashboard will show you the total value of all coins, the total value of all commodities, The total account value, the time of your first trade, the last trade, total trades, and current coin prices.

You also can see the percentage of each coin in a chart, trades per exchange, trades per month, and more information.

Finally, If your total account value is in green, you are earning profit.

Cointracking coupons and discounts

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10% off + 5% additional discount when you pay with Bitcoin

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Doesn't expire

I hope this CoinTracking Review will help you have useful information to trade more confidently.


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