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UltraZip zippers Peak Design review

This Peak Design review covers Peak Design’s Travel Backpack, 35L Duffel, Everyday Messenger, and Field Pouch V2 models. We also look at their pricing, features, and popularity. We’ve included a table with 68 customer ratings and a comparison to other top brands. Compare the features and pricing of Peak Design with popular competitors like GoPro, Canon, Adorama, and more.


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Peak Design’s Travel Backpack

Peak Design's Travel Backpack

The Peak Design Travel Backpack has been designed for the minimalist traveler. It’s ideal for weekend trips, a weeklong work trip, or a photography trip. It has an impressive amount of pockets and is comfortable to carry. It also features an ergonomic shape and weatherproof 400D nylon canvas shell.

The Peak Design Travel Backpack features an attractive, clean-looking exterior, as well as modern urban styling. In fact, it looks more like a normal travel bag than a camera case. The outer shell is made of weatherproof, 100% recycled 400D nylon canvas, while the bottom section is made of 900D nylon. The interior is water-repellent and PU-coated for durability.


Everyday Messenger

Everyday Messenger Inside Everyday Messenger Outside

The Everyday Messenger is a premium essential carry workhorse designed for travelers, commuters, and photographers. It represents a giant leap forward in the world of bag-kind with features like its patent-pending MagLatch closure, origami-inspired FlexFold dividers, weather-resistant shell, dedicated Capture clip attachment points, and front access panel.

The Everyday Messenger comes in two sizes, the 13-inch, and the 15-inch versions. It has more storage than you might expect, even with a full-sized laptop. The case also comes with two sleeve pockets for electronic cables. The Peak Design Everyday Messenger is a stylish messenger bag that is loaded with features.


35L Duffel

35L Duffel

The Peak Design Review 35L Duffel is a carry-on-sized 35-liter duffel with a removable shoulder strap and padded top handles. This bag is perfect for overnight travel, weekend trips, and gym use. It also makes an excellent companion to larger travel bags. Its weather-resistant nylon canvas construction, custom aluminum hardware, and burly #10 weatherproof zip make it an ideal choice for travel. It is also designed to complement the Peak Design packing tools.

Another notable feature is its design. The Peak Design Travel Duffel features a large interior, several side pockets, and a unique connector hardware system. The hand straps also serve as padded shoulder straps to help eliminate shoulder strain while carrying the bag. Moreover, the bag is lightweight and stylish, making it easy to pack and carry.


Camera cubes

Camera cubes

The Peak Design Review Camera Cubes provide ultra-protection while keeping your equipment easily accessible. These protective units mount securely in Peak Design Travel Bags. They provide custom organization and protection for your equipment, with low-profile FlexFold dividers. Peak Design’s camera storage solutions are made to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re on vacation or a seasoned photographer, Peak Design has the solution for you.

Peak Design has made these camera cubes in several sizes. The Small Camera Cube is perfect for solo travelers. Available in Black, Sage, and Midnight, this compact case is great for carrying your gear. The Peak Design 30L Camera Cube is also available in Black, Sage, and Midnight.


UltraZip zippers

Peak Design packs its slings with ultraZip zippers, a revolutionary design that prevents contents from spilling out when the bag is set down. UltraZip zippers are made by a Taiwanese company called Zoom Zippers and glide smoothly along the contours of the backpack.

Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack Zip features a similar design to its popular sling bag, but with more zipper pockets and a sleek, ergonomic MagLatch. These new features make the Everyday Backpack Zip stand out in the crowd of camera bags.



In a Peak Design Review, we’ll focus on the company’s build quality. In other words, we’ll look at how well the bags feel and how well they function. The Peak Capture Clip is smaller than its predecessor but still packs some punch. Its design emphasizes build quality, with few moving parts and a solid feel in the hand. The only knock we have is that it lacks a tension knob or gripping power knob.

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