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Pumpables Review: Best Breast Pumps For Mamas

In order to stimulate milk quickly, unclog milk ducts then buying a breast pump is extremely necessary. Read my Pumpables Review to get more about one of the best lines of breast pumps that thousands of mommies trust. Don’t forget to take my Pumpables discount code to save 10% off.

Why should mamas have a Pumpables breast pump at home?

I want to point out both of advantages and disadvantages of using a Pumpables breast pump, then you can compare and make a decision whether buy or not.


Save a lot of time

 Some people often mistakenly believe that all-electric breast pumps are powered by electricity. However, this is not true, like Pumpables Breast Pumps, they operate on battery capacity. Using Pumpables Breast Pumps will save you a lot of time and effort.

High efficiency

The pump works completely independently and automatically. You just put the funnel in the position of the nipples and turn on the pump to work. The milk will be pumped out automatically, steadily, and quickly. The machine also has a knob to help mothers adjust according to their needs.

Bringing comfort to mamas

 Sometimes the mother will feel discomfort, pain in the breasts, hand fatigue if constantly using the machine by hand. However, when using the electric type, you will not have to face this feeling of fatigue anymore. Instead, moms can relax comfortably when having a breast massage thanks to the integrated massage function.


High price: The price is quite higher than other lines of breast pumps. However, if you compare the quality, this is understandable. Moreover, if you buy with Pumpables discount code: SHOP10-LENA, you can save 10% off.

Lower durability: off course, the electric breast pumps have a slightly shorter life compared to manual ones, due to malfunctions and failures of the internal operating parts.

So we have to admit that using a breast pump is more convenient in the time of caring for your baby.

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Pumpables Review

Pumpables has three lines of the breast pump. Each one has many advantages and features that moms are looking forward to:

  • Compact, lightweight, and quieter than other double electric breast pumps.
  • Flexible pumping mode: single or double pumping.
  • Very convenient with a rechargeable battery with a safe USB charger, can be used anytime and anywhere – at home or when going out, sitting in a car, a plane, at work laptop.
  • Long-lasting battery, more than 3 hours of use for moms to pump when going out.
  • The hygienic closed system ensures that breast milk flows completely into the bottle, not back into the air tube, collecting every drop of mother’s precious milk.
  • High-grade LED screen for soft light, not too dazzling, especially when the mother uses it while the baby is sleeping at night.
  • Long-lasting motor life for use.
  • Breastshield size: 17mm, 21 mm, 25mm, 29 mm

SuperGenie Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Pumpables-review-SuperGenie Hospital Grade Breast Pump
SuperGenie Hospital Grade Breast Pump
  • Vacuum range – 15 – 330 mmHg
  • Cycle speed (Expression mode) – 40 – 70 cpm (variable)
  • Cycle speed (Letdown mode) – 72 – 104 cpm (variable)
  • Weight – 1.1 kg (excl kit)
  • Battery life – 2.5 hours
  • Charging time – 4 hours
  • Motor life – 1500 hours
  • Noiseless than 50 db(A)
  • Price: $249.00 USD


Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump

Pumpables-review-Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump
Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump
  • Vacuum range – 15 – 330 mmHg
  • Cycle speed (Expression mode) – 23 – 70 cpm (variable)
  • Cycle speed (Letdown mode) – 70 cpm (constant)
  • Weight – 250 grams (excl kit)
  • Battery life – 3 hours
  • Charging time – 4.5 hours
  • Motor life – 800 hours
  • Noiseless than 45 db(A)
  • Price: $ 150


Genie Plus Portable Breast Pump


This is a portable pump and an ideal solution for moms who need to pump on the go. With a gentle pump motion that is highly effective.

  • To start milk flow, use the letdown mode.
  • To get the most milk out of your machine, use the expression mode.
  • Closed system to keep the motor clean and safe.
  • Shield sets come in three sizes to ensure proper fit.
  • Price: $150


Remember to use the Pumpables discount code in my Pumpables Review to save your order.

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