5 Best Toys for Cats to Stop Them Getting Bored


Playing time with cats not only gives you fun but also helps you guarantee that your pets are healthy, active, and entertained. Different toys play different roles. If you don’t know much about toys for cats, this post from Allstealdeals will give you 5 ideas to buy cat toys that they will love to play with.

Do we really need to buy toys for cats?

Firstly, cats are natural hunters. They have natural instincts like climbing, chasing, and catching prey. If you buy them the right toys, they are never afraid of losing these skills. They can practice with the toys every day.

Secondly, cats are curious about everything around them. They can stimulate themselves by hunting the laser for hours without boredom. But if they are raised in a narrow space without toys, they will gradually become stressed, and depressed. Toys are necessary to help them reduce stress.

Thirdly, cats are active. They can play for hours with a simple cardboard box. Toys help them always be curious, active, and playful, then improve their health. Without play, cats are prone to obesity and diabetes-related diseases.

Toys for cats help them to play more, be healthier and have great bonding time with their owners. Therefore, anyone who is raising a cate should buy toys for them.

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Top necessary 5 toys for indoor cats

Interactive Cat Tunnel Toy

Cats love the security of a remote space. They like to sneak up on their prey, they also hate boredom. And an interactive cat tunnel toy can meet all the requirements to please your cats. They have to find a way to crawl out of the tunnel. The tunnel is like a maze to help the cat boost its mind.

toys for cat 1

Of course, the material to make these tunnels is durable enough to withstand the cats’ claws. You can easily fold the tunnel when you need to clean up the room. Therefore, if you and your cats are living in a narrow apartment, buying an interactive cat tunnel is ideal.


Cat bed cave

Cats spend most of their time sleeping, about 16 hours per day. They curl up in any box to play and sleep. Therefore, those cat bed caves perfectly give cats a cozy place to rest. This kind of toy is suitable for both little and old kittens.

I like the idea of a cat’s cave because it satisfies the cat’s need to find a safe place to hide. The bed cave is great for sleeping cats, but it’s also a great hiding place when they play. I highly recommend choosing an eco-friendly alternative cave with chemically-laden synthetic fibers, because it is warm and easy to clean.

From: $17.95


Cat tree

Some cats love to climb.  If they don’t have the right place to do this, they can get boredom. At over 50 inches high, the cat trees give your kitten a great place to climb, claw, and hide. The soft faux fur on the pedestals gives cats a place to rest and satisfy their nail-to-claw.


We love the cat trees because of their pretty appearance. Some items for cats may not go well with your home’s interior design, but this toy does. You can carefully put it in a corner so it won’t overwhelm the room space.


Turbo scratcher toy

The scratcher toy has a corrugated cardboard scratcher in the middle. There is an outer channel running around, where you can place a small ball on. When the cat catches the ball with its paws, the ball will roll around the track. It keeps your cats occupied and entertained. With this kind of toy, your cats have hours of fun and exercise while you can reduce potential furniture damage due to scratching.

From: $27.89

Prey toy for cats

The prey is designed in the perfect size and shape to simulate the hunt. Cats love to hunt these around the house, carry them in their mouths, and leave them somewhere where you’ll see their treat. Then you should give them praise for their brave and great work. Some toys will have scents that your cat likes. So, you can choose one that is your cat’s favorite scent.



Many people think that cats are just animals, so why do they need toys for them? However, in fact, toys are a tool not only for fun but also for enhancing the health of pets, reducing stress effectively, and preventing them from suffering from psychological diseases. These toys are not expensive. You can find them all on Amazon. Don’t forget to use the Amazon coupons to save as much as possible.

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