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Adzooma promo code

In the last two posts, we discussed about Adzooma features and why you should choose it to manage your ads campaigns across multiple channels. If you care about Adzooma pricing and Adzooma coupon code, you are at the right place here. Let’s dive in.

Adzooma Pricing

The best thing about Adzooma is that you are able to use their advertising platform completely 100% free, with really no extra costs to worry about!


This may seem suspicious, but to reassure you, Adzooma explains why they offer their platform for free

Their mission is to make online advertising more accessible to everyone, so they decided to make the full platform 100% free to everyone. This is possible because of the success of the Adzooma Marketplace, where we they connect users to the services they need.


Adzooma Plus Price

Adzooma also offers a subscription option for £69 per month if you need something more.

It includes all of the basic features of the Adzooma Essentials platform, as well as more advanced tools, insights, and optimizations that are specifically tailored to get results. This includes the following:

  • 18 effective optimization suggestions to help you get the most out of your money and enhance sales
  • 81 time-saving automation templates to protect your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Advanced SEO information to help you boost your campaigns and outperform your rivals
  • Account management dedicated to assisting your company’s growth

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 Adzooma Proposal Builder

The Proposal Builder is another amazing service offered by Adzooma for agencies. It costs $199 per month, which at first appears to be a lot, but when you consider its capabilities, it appears to be a good deal.


The Proposal Builder is essentially a freelancer and agency onboarding tool that allows you to:

In seconds, you may create full Google and Microsoft accounts.

In minutes, create full client ad campaigns.

You can save hours of time by not having to set up a new account.

What’s particularly cool about this feature is that it’s completely unique to the market – no one else does anything like it! It simplifies everything, provides performance snapshots, makes low-spend clients lucrative, and allows you to create campaigns faster to target the right customers.

Enterprise Solution

The Adzooma program isn’t just for personal PPC management; it also has an enterprise solution. This appears to be a bundle catered to a company’s specific advertising requirements. It’s simple to understand why complete campaign builders, API integration, and a client management dashboard would be beneficial to larger companies.

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Adzooma Promo Codes

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