4 Best Types of Pate for Dogs That You Need To Know

Pate for dog

With its delicious taste and fatness, pate is considered the perfect dish that your furry friends love. Pate is an indispensable meal on your puppy’s daily menu. So which kind of pate for dogs is the best? If you are wondering, do not miss the useful information below!

Popular types of pate for dogs

Along with its wide variety of flavors, pate comes in hundreds of different brands. Manufacturers are increasingly interested in the taste to meet the needs of the puppies

That makes pate more and more diverse in flavor and nutritional ingredients. Here are some of the most popular types of pate for the boss.

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Liver Pate

The rich, delicious taste of the liver is considered the best dish for your dogs. This is a very useful suggestion you can consult and buy for your puppies.

Not only unique because of its taste, but the liver is also rich in nutrients. With a unique recipe, chicken pate is sure to make your puppy extremely happy.


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Fish pate is rich in calcium and protein

Fish has long been a favorite food for puppies. Therefore, pate is made from fish to help them eat more delicious.

At the same time, adding fish to the daily menu with a variety of recipes will also help replenish ample protein and calcium for your pet to thrive. Some of the most popular types of pate are tuna pate, herring pate, and mackerel pate.


Fatty pork pate

Many dog lovers still ask “which is the best pate for dogs”. If you are in this question too,  surely you shouldn’t miss pork pate. This dish attracts even the pickiest eaters.

When you choose pork pate for pets, they will be satisfied with the taste the food brings. If your dog is in the process of shedding its coat, surely you cannot miss this superb dish.


Mixed taste pate

This is a fairly new pate flavor. However, many pets fall in love with the taste because of its deliciousness and high nutritional value. If your dog is often anorexic, and needs to change the menu, then try this unique strange taste. Surely your pet will love it!


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