3 Notes for Buying Shampoo for Puppies


Puppies have completely different skin from grown-up dogs. So when we use shampoo for puppies, it is not a type of shower gel that can be used for all dogs, especially for the very early year of puppies’ development.

I have heard many cases from my friends, who are raising dogs, of fungus, dermatitis, and hair loss. Unfortunately, the cause of these diseases is, the owner uses inappropriate dog shampoo.

Many people use our shampoo or body wash to bathe their dogs. Human skin is weakly alkaline, meanwhile, dog skin is acidic. Therefore, we can’t use them for both two purposes. Depending on the different breed of dog, the shampoo for dogs will also be different.

So how to choose the best and most suitable puppy shower gel? Read the article below of AllStealDeals Blog.

It would help if you learned about puppy skin characteristics

The female dog’s skin is acidic at pH 5.5, and the male dog’s skin is weakly acidic (pH 6.5). The puppy’s skin is neutral, of pH 7.2. Little dogs are alkaline at pH 7.5. Therefore, neutral shower gel can be reluctantly used. Anyway, don’t use gasoline and motor oil to bathe dogs.

Puppy Pyoderma

The most common thing shampoo for puppies is a bleach mixture. You should choose a shower gel according to the nature of the dog’s coat.

A soft-haired dog should use a neutral shampoo. For dogs with frizzy and dry hair, use shampoos for oily skin. Includes two types: one containing vegetable olive oil and one containing animal fats.

 After using both, you can determine which one is the most suitable by observing the effects of each.

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Common mistakes you shouldn’t make when buying shampoo for puppies

Don’t choose an overly-scented shampoo

You often open the shower gel cap and smell it to see if it smells good, then buy a shampoo that is too scented for dogs. Don’t do that anymore. The overly-scented shower gel can have a major negative impact on your pet’s smell.

Over time, their sense of smell becomes poor. It even causes respiratory diseases. In addition, due to the presence of artificial flavors, some pets with sensitive skin can be allergic and leading to skin diseases.

Don’t buy shower gel with as many bubbles as possible.

Too much foam is due to the fact that the shower gel contains too much foaming agent. Such a shower gel like that is less likely to disinfect. Long-term use will make the hair of puppies so dull. White fur, it will make the feathers yellow.

doh shampoo

In addition, shower gel that makes the hair too silky after bathing is not good. Because it contains lubricating ingredients. Significantly reduces the cleaning power of shower gel. On the other hand, it isn’t easy to wash off as well.

Therefore, when choosing a shower gel for puppies, do not choose a shower gel with a scent and a lot of foam based on your senses. You choose natural and low-foam shower gels. Especially for those with pets with fine hair or sensitive skin.

It is best to choose natural shower gels found in Pet Mart like Lcpshop for pets and use separate shower gel and balm. While it’s a bit of a hassle to bathe your pet, it can make their coat more beautiful.

Don’t bathe your puppy too often

Dogs are different from humans and cannot bathe regularly. In summer, you should bathe puppies once a week. How often you bathe your puppies depends on the texture and color of the dog’s coat. That could be the time when the fur gets dirty and the heat and humidity in your area.

In general, it is recommended to bathe your dog 3-4 times a month. Bathing puppies too much can cause them to have skin diseases such as dry skin, and rashes. If the dog’s body is too dirty, you can wipe it with a wet towel.

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