When Earbuds Not Working: 5 Tips to Fix It

Earbuds not Working
Earbuds not Working

If you are not familiar with using Bluetooth headphones or earbuds, you may encounter a lot of problems in the process of connecting and using them.  Common problems are earbuds not working, earbuds not connecting, earbuds only working on one side, etc. These problems make you feel uncomfortable, especially for young people who often listen to music and watch movies with headphones. So, below are 5 common ways to fix earbuds’ errors.

Check Bluetooth connection if earbuds not working

The device that is previously paired will be remembered by the phone and repaired when it is within range. In some cases, you don’t want to pair them anymore; because you need to use wireless earbuds with another phone. If so, do the following:

You click on the name of the paired headset in the list of remembered Bluetooth devices. Then, click on the Forget this Device function at the top of the window. The pairing between the earbuds and the current phone will be removed.


Note: When done with that; if you want to use the earbuds back to the phone; you must proceed with the pairing as you did the first time.

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Restart the Bluetooth earbuds

In addition to activating the Bluetooth feature, or restarting the phone to connect to the headphones; there is another useful method to fix that connection error. That is, you restart the earbud/headphone itself.

It’s simple to restart the headphones.

Just press and hold the power button on the Bluetooth headset for a certain time, depending on the type of headset, to turn it off.

At that time, most of the lights on the Bluetooth headset will turn off. Next, you need to tap the Power button again to turn the device back on. After restarting the headset, you can try connecting it to your phone again by doing a scan. Enter the correct access code when pairing the earbuds and the phone.


If you want to connect a Bluetooth headset to a phone; just conduct the “pairing” feature. Although it is not difficult, many users find it “annoying” with an important operation in securing such a connection.

First, you must make sure that the Bluetooth earbuds are in acceptable status. Some earbuds may be on Standby status to save energy. So, you won’t be able to pair them with the phone. The device needs to be activated before doing this. If you are not sure when you see the status lights, you need to take the time to read the headphones’ user manual again for more information.

Do not keep the earbuds too far away from the phone

Sometimes, while using wireless Bluetooth headphones you can feel the rustling during the conversation. This issue is due to you having brought the headphone out of the Bluetooth range, which is usually more than 10m. So, get close to the phone to make sure that they are connected in the set range. The latest Bluetooth connection technology can assure a better ability of connection.

Check the headphone cable and volume button

For devices with a wired connection between the headset and the Bluetooth controller; You also need to check if the headset cord is still working properly. In case the controller can connect well to the phone, but the headset is damaged, or the wire is broken, you will not hear anything.

Check the Bluetooth feature

Many users often encounter the error that the Bluetooth feature does not work on the phone, even though they have previously connected the headset to the phone. The reason is that they don’t see any devices appear in the list of connections and find the phone’s Bluetooth device.

Check the Bluetooth feature

A simple mistake is forgetting to turn on the Bluetooth feature on your phone. To fix it, on all phones, go to Settings, select Bluetooth, then click the button to switch the status from Off to On. This is the basic step in using Bluetooth headsets.

If you have previously paired a premium Bluetooth headset with your phone, the connection will be completed automatically as soon as Bluetooth is turned on, and you will see a Bluetooth icon in the status bar.

In case after turning on the Bluetooth feature but the phone still does not detect the Bluetooth headset, you may have to restart the phone. With Apple products, hold down the Power button until a red slider appears. Drag the slider from left to right to power off, then restart the phone and try connecting the Bluetooth headset.

If it cannot be solved by the above methods, it means that the problem is not as small as expected. If your device is still under warranty, you should contact your retailer or manufacturer, notify it, and send it in for repair or replacement. The warranty may take some time, but at least it’s free.

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