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Humble trader review

Humbled Trader reviews – Don’t trade if you don’t have enough knowledge about what you are doing and what you are investing for. Don’t make trading like gambling. That’s why I told my friends: though you can find an excellent broker, you should learn about the basic techniques in trading, learn how to analyze the market, and much more. And that’s also why I want to introduce you to my Humbled Trader reviews, where you find videos about trading and join a massive group of traders to discuss the work.

From this review, you can download Humbled Trader with one click.

Humbled Trader reviews -Is the course persuasive to join?

It’s a fool to believe in advertised courses that once you registered, you immediately earn thousands of dollars in a week, you will become a billionaire as you wish or something like that.

In fact, trading is like a battle and it may take you years to gain your own knowledge and experience in any trading market: stock, coin, forex.

Beginners usually seek brokers for help. I don’t refuse this way for newbies in trading. But it’s best to obtain your own knowledge by learning how to analyze the markets and analyze charts.

Humbled Trader Academy Reviews

The Humbled Trader Academy is a full-day trading education program where you can learn how to day trade from Shay and her team of experienced coaches, interact with other day traders on Discord, and develop your skills as a successful day trader.

Shay is a full-time day trader with a famous Humbled Trader youtube channel. She has been uploading 288 videos and has 867K subscribers since I wrote this Humbled Traders. Free knowledge, guides, and sharing are ok but I recommend you register her Humbled Trader Academy for other special perks.

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The Humbled Trader Academy contains:

  • 12 hours of Humbled Trader videos
  • Progress tests and self-guided learning
  • Beginners and experienced traders alike would benefit from these step-by-step trading platform configurations.
  • Guides, cheat sheets, and HT trading tools are all available for download.
  • Risk management planning
  • 5 proven day trading strategies

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Trading Chatroom

  • Realtime Access to Team Humbled Trader
  • Daily premarket trade planning
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Weekly mentorship webinars
  • Specialized trading rooms
  • A global community of traders

The Humbled Trader Academy is well-designed to allow learners to understand and follow most of the lessons in the course.

After logging in, you’ll go straight to the Humbled Trader Academy’s Start page, where you may learn to day trade with Shay, aka Humbled Trader. The member area now has 133 lessons, but the content is always growing.

Humbled Trader course download

Get through the introduction section then you will jump into the main lessons from Humbled Trader Academy, including:

Brokers and Trading Platforms

Beginners will know about recommended brokers, paper trading platforms, backtesting, stock screeners, market news, and order types. Interactive Brokers, Thinkorswim, Webull, DAS Trader Pro, Trade Ideas, and Benzinga Pro platform configurations and demos are covered here.

Learn more about the IQ option reviews to know about one of the great platforms to trade.

Technical Analysis and Candlesticks

There are three Humbled Trader videos teaching you to control risk in trading. So, you will feel more confident in each transaction and managing your capital. In day trading, Shay always highlights the necessity of risk management, which you should prioritize. This is what makes her different from brokers, who always want to hide risks.

Trade Planning of Small-Cap and Large-Cap Stocks

Small Caps: The segment on trade planning for small caps includes seven video courses, a handout on trade process planning, and a quiz. Everything from gapper scanning to crucial analysis to the importance of news catalysts to essential SEC Filings research is covered here.

Small small stocks are not for everyone, and someday traders prefer to trade high-volume large-company stocks with ultra-tight bid-ask spreads. The section on large-cap stock trade planning contrasts large and small-cap stocks describe the key catalysts and discuss the relevance of earnings reports and large-cap scanning.

Hands-On Trading Strategies

Shay’s top five favorite day trading tactics are explained in the final videos. Three of them are long-trading strategies, while the other two are short-trading setups.

With four films and one quiz on each method, all five strategies are thoroughly presented. To enhance the vast trading method content, The Humbled Trader created criteria cheat sheets and three extra videos on Fibonacci trading.

Humbled Trader Course Price

Humbled Trader Academy and the Discord server cost $1,490 for a year.

The refund policy is also clear. If you are not satisfied with the course and you have only accessed modules 1 and 2, you can request a refund within 10 days of your purchase.

Find more Humbled Trader coupon codes to save on the Humbled trader course price.

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Other related questions

humble trader day trading

Who is the Humbled Trader?

Shay, also known as Humbled Trader, is a Taiwanese Canadian who currently resides in Vancouver. She moved to the United States from Taiwan with her family in the early 2000s when she was about 12 years old. Shay started trading part-time while working in the film and visual effects industries. But now she is a full-time day trader.

is humbled trader legit?

Yes, humbled trader is a legitimate platform to get day-trading tutorial services and join community of day traders.

How much do humbled traders make?

Humbled Trader recently claimed that through day trading in 2021, she generated an average monthly profit of $50.000. This definitely excludes the proceeds from her YouTube channel and online course. In sum, I’d say she earns around $100,000 each month on average.

Can you get rich from day trading?

Day traders try to profit from intraday price movements and trends rather than holding holdings overnight. Day trading is a high-risk activity, with the vast majority of day traders losing money—but for those who succeed, it may be lucrative.

If you want to learn Crypto trading from A to Z, take the reference and suggestion from my Crypto Crew University review, a crypto online course by Mr. Steve.

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For beginners, the Humbled Trader Academy is an outstanding day trading education. The teachings are clear of fluff and highlight the essence of each day’s trading important topic. A quiz concludes each unit. This verifies that the student has grasped all of the material covered in the unit. Day trading is complex, and honing your skills takes time. The Humbled Traders Course is meant to assist novice traders in gaining the necessary edge to boost their chances of success. Therefore, it is persuasive to join and learn. I hope these Humbled Trader reviews bring you helpful information for a trading online course.

Humbled trader course download

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