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parallelminer review

Installing a coin miner is not easy as you imagine. You need to spend time and effort to learn about them to make it easiest. In this Parallelminer review, I will share with you the most basic understanding of coin plow, what components you need to form the most complete kit of coin miner, especially about coin miners for sale at Parallelminer

What do you know about coin mining?

Coin mining, also known as Bitcoin mining (Bitcoin Mining), is a familiar term. Used in the machine involved in processing, and confirming the payment on the network in the form of Blockchain.

After a running time, you will get the number of coins that will pay for the number of algorithms you have processed. The more you process, the more you get paid. It also means that the stronger your miner, the more you will earn.


Currently, the main coins on the market that you can mine are ETH, LTC, ZEC, MXR, ZEN, EXP, etc.

Mining coin requires to use of PCs with high VGA configuration. Currently, there are two types of VGA: VGA using AMD chip and VGA using Nvidia chip.

NVIDIA supports Zec mining well, cooler and lighter than AMD. In addition, NVIDIA is easy to liquidate and is more expensive to liquidate than AMD because the gamer and designer community prefers Nvidia.

VGA card with AMD chip uses GTX 1060 mining and VGA with Nvidia chip uses RX570 OC with 20 – 30% higher mining efficiency than normal versions.

In addition, users can also replace the GTX 1060 VGA card with the GTX 1050, GTX 1070, or GTX 1080 and RX 570 with types such as RX470, RX480, R9 380, and R9 280X depending on your affordability on the electricity bill.

Of course, the cash register only focuses on exploiting the power of the GPU, all kinds of components such as the Mainboard, RAM, CPU, etc. only bring the basic properties to make the system work more stable.

All kinds of components that a coin miner need


Main: You need to choose with main lines that support 6 PCI slots in which: Biostar TB 85, Biostar TB 250, or Z270, etc. These are the main lines that support plugging in 6 GPUs (VGA). Currently, there is a new mainline that supports up to 13 VGA belonging to the line used for mining.

CPU: For the CPU, you just need to get any type that supports the mainline, not necessarily high. Because you only need to dig with VGA, the CPU does not affect the performance of mining.

RAM: For RAM you need to choose 4G RAM types, to mine ETH, you need to use more than 4G.

HDD, SSD: Also known as a hard drive, you can choose low-capacity HDDs just enough to install Windows. Besides, you can use 80GB HDD or SSD type to save power.

PSU (source): This is the most important part, with the type with 6 VGA, you should choose a source of 1000W or more. When there is a lack of power, it will be very important, so you need to pay attention to the selection of the source and try to wait for 1 hour. Don’t buy too cheap PSU.

VGA (GPU): With the VGA type, there are lines: RX470, RX 480, RX 570, RX 580. These are also the best lines to mine ETH at the moment and whose prices will be increased and then decreased when the coin goes up or down in price.

 In addition, you need to add: a sharp frame to hang VGA, and a Riser wire to connect from VGA to the main, to catch the main.

All steps to join the coin mining process

  1. You need to get yourself a coin miner with a budget from $2000
  2. Proceed to create a Bitcoin wallet
  3. Find a coin mining pool
  4. Looking for a Bitcoin program for computers
  5. Start mining coin


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