Best German Vacuum Cleaners You Should Know

Sebo Vacuum cleaners

When searching for a vacuum cleaner brand, German-made vacuums are often the top choice. These companies take great pride in their engineering, which explains why their products tend to last so long.

Miele and SEBO are two of the best-known German vacuum manufacturers, but there are many more you may not be aware of.

List of German vacuum cleaners

Miele vacuum

Miele vacuum cleaners have earned a well-deserved reputation for durability and high-quality construction. They also come with features that help keep floors clean, such as HEPA-level air filtration and an exclusive sealed system that captures and retains 99.5 percent of particles at 0.1 microns.

Miele german vacuum cleaners

They offer a wide selection of models, from entry-level vacuums to high-end canister models. If you’re in search of strong performance on various surfaces as well as easy upkeep and durability, these are the best vacuums to buy.

These cleaners are perfect for homes with bare floors and low pile carpet, or homes where people with allergies want to minimize exposure to dust and other allergens. They feature variable suction, a durable motor, an auto-rewind power cord, and HEPA-level filter protection.

Miele vacuum cleaners offer a range of attachments and other accessories to meet your home’s specific needs. These include a soft bristle dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery nozzle – perfect for taking care of various messes.

Miele vacuums stand out due to their exclusive AirClean filter bag. This filter traps tiny dust and debris that could otherwise escape into the air and uses nine layers of electrostatically charged material to ensure your household air remains clean.

No matter if you’re cleaning carpet or bare floors, the AirClean rotary dial offers six distinct power settings to adjust your vacuum cleaner’s suction for various surfaces and materials. Plus, its filter bag change indicator lets you know when it’s time for a replacement.

Miele vacuums feature the SwivelNeck(tm), a double-jointed swivel that makes maneuvering over furniture and other obstacles much easier. This feature is especially helpful when cleaning under tables or other items that may be hard to reach.

Miele vacuums tend to be pricier than their rivals, but they’re easier to maintain and come with more included attachments. Plus, Miele vacuums have earned a reputation for superior cleaning performance and stylish design – making them an excellent choice for your home.


Established in 1978, SEBO is a German company known for producing some of the highest-quality vacuum cleaners worldwide. Their vacuums are widely favored by top hotels, universities, and hospitals around the globe due to their scientific excellence and design. So whether you need something for your home or office – SEBO makes an excellent choice!

SEBO vacuum cleaners use the most up-to-date cleaning technologies, offering a host of features designed to make your job simpler and more efficient. These include ease of use, dependability, consistent effectiveness in cleaning tasks, high HEPA filtration levels for HEPA filtration bags, a bag full indicators, motor safety shut-off switches, and automatic cord rewind.

Sebo Vacuum cleaners

SEBO vacuum cleaners come with a 7-Year Warranty to demonstrate their confidence in the quality of their products and offer customers peace of mind when it comes to maintenance or repair needs. This shows their dedication to providing customers with exceptional value.

One great feature that SEBO vacuum cleaners offer is the ease of changing bags with just the touch of a button. This convenient feature saves you time and effort in changing bags.

This feature is especially handy if you have pets in your household. Pet hair can easily get trapped inside paper bags and create a major mess if not removed. The SEBO X8 automatically detects when the bags are empty, so all you have to do is open the vacuum chamber lid, insert a green dust seal disk into the hole on top, slide in your new bag, and close it securely with its green dust seal disk.

The nozzle also automatically adjusts to your flooring for optimal cleaning on all types of floors, including carpet and hard. Its electronics monitor the performance of both your brush roller and vacuum motor, raising or lowering it as necessary for thorough coverage of all surface types.

SEBO offers a comprehensive selection of upright and canister vacuum cleaners designed for any residential or commercial application. All models are made in Germany with easy maintenance in mind, as well as powerful suction, solidly built designs and aggressive cleaning heads that are ideal for homes with hardwood floors, thick carpeting or area rugs. SEBO vacuums boast superior suction power, easy setup instructions and efficient performance – making them the ideal choice for homeowners everywhere!


Since 1965, Wessel-Werk has been a reliable leader in the vacuum cleaner industry. Their selection of nozzles and brushes covers everything from classic designs to cutting-edge innovations. Headquartered in Germany with production facilities around the world, They can be counted on for all of your vacuum projects needs.


The great news is you don’t have to spend a fortune on quality Wessel-Werk vacuum cleaners! We carry an extensive selection of nozzles and brushes from any budget, including the top-of-the-line EBK 650 power nozzle. As your local one-stop shop with an extensive inventory of Wessel-Werk products, our staff would be more than happy to assist you in selecting the perfect item for your cleaning needs.

For further details on Wessel-Werk nozzles, please visit our website today! We look forward to helping you find your new favorite machine! You may also call us at 855-680-9022 to speak with a knowledgeable sales associate or come visit our showroom for an interactive demonstration.


Vorwerk is a manufacturer of household appliances with an excellent reputation for quality and performance. They offer various cleaning products, such as vacuum cleaners.

Although these cleaners aren’t the cheapest on the market, they are incredibly durable and well-made. Plus, they come with a five-year warranty to prove their longevity!


The Vorwerk Kobold VK200 is an incredibly powerful vacuum cleaner that can take on any cleaning challenge you throw at it. It uses an intelligent system that detects what floor surface you have and adjusts suction power accordingly, plus comes equipped with various attachments for getting into corners and crevices.

It also features an informative user guide that makes it simple to maximize the performance of your vacuum. Plus, you can purchase additional filters (PS18 for six) which help trap dust and prevent it from escaping.

Dovina scent chips provide your house with an inviting fresh-broom fragrance, adding a nice touch that makes vacuuming seem more worthwhile.

The Vorwerk Kobold VK200 excels at removing stains from carpets. When tested on a piece of test carpet that had been marked with a biro, the machine easily removed most of the stain without issue.

The VK200 is designed as a multipurpose cleaner, featuring attachments that enable it to vacuum both hard floors and carpets. There’s a stair attachment, carpet brush that vacuums both carpets and hard floors, mop attachment, as well as sanitizing pad that eliminates pet hair and dust mites on mattresses.

You can even use it on your windows with a window cleaning set. The nozzle on the front allows for direct airflow and it’s great for taking away stray dust particles from blinds or curtains.


You have got the list of the top 5 German vacuum cleaners. Using German vacuum cleaners is an excellent way to help keep your house clean, but it’s essential that you set up regular scheduled cleans so that any dirt that may have been missed can be picked up. Additionally, having a regular charging schedule helps prevent your machine from becoming unusable.

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